Unveiling Ukraine's aviation potential, we strive to align ourselves with the best practices of European countries.

The delegation of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" Civil Aviation (AAUCA), at the invitation of the leadership of the state-owned company AVINOR AS, visited airports in Norway, Bodo, and Oslo, as well as air navigation service centers and the main offices of the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) in Bodo and AVINOR AS in Oslo from October 23 to October 27, 2023. The delegation held a series of meetings with managers and experts from both organizations, both of which are subordinate to the Ministry of Transport of Norway. AVINOR AS is responsible for the management and operational activities of 43 airports and air navigation service provision. These two directions have autonomy and full financial and economic independence, closely collaborating with each other in the challenging climatic conditions of the extreme north.

In our view, the Norwegian experience and achievements in the management and coordination of airport and air navigation activities can serve as an example. Today, Norway's population is 5.5 million people, and Norwegian airports serve about 50 million passengers annually. This indicator reflects a high level of accessibility, mobility, and well-being of the population. It is important to note that aviation transportation in Norway is characterized by a high level of safety and punctuality, despite natural constraints in terrain and challenging weather conditions. Even small settlements, where only a few hundred citizens reside, have airports. Despite restrictions on the number of flights (usually one morning departure and one evening arrival), the state ensures residents' access to medical facilities, schools, universities, and other essential public services. This is a vivid testimony to the care for the health, education, employment, and leisure of the country's population.

According to information provided by the heads of various aviation departments, strategic development plans for the aviation industry are being developed in Norway for the long term, medium term, and short term. Long-term plans cover a period of up to 30 years, medium-term plans cover up to 10 years, and short-term plans cover up to 5 years.

Funding for current activities and short-term development programs at AVINOR AS is provided from the company's profits, while the state and local communities participate in medium-term and long-term infrastructure development projects. It's impressive that the company's leadership always finds time to communicate with employees, meet with guests, fostering dialogue, and creating an atmosphere of interest.

During the visit, we received a wealth of materials, interesting information, and valuable advice, which would be impractical to present in a single release. Therefore, we decided to systematically publish all the materials.

Norway serves as an example of a country where success is built on caring for citizens, respecting culture and valuing its history, along with the efficient utilization of its potential. We have the potential to move forward, so as we rebuild our dream, let's leverage the best practices of European countries.

We hope that the leadership of central executive authorities will pay attention to the already proven format and method of managing and coordinating the activities of aviation enterprises, present in developed countries around the world.

Members of the delegation and all participants of AAUCA express sincere gratitude to colleagues in the aviation industry in Norway for their sensitivity, support, and assistance to Ukraine during this difficult period of Russian aggression.

For organizing this essential and timely event and providing financial support to the members of the AAUCA delegation, the Director-General of the state-owned company AVINOR AS was awarded an honorary distinction from the Association "Airports of Ukraine" Civil Aviation.

- Visit program at the link [insert link];
- Some photos from the extensive collection.

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