Aviation fuel supply
Aviation ground equipment
Аviation security
Ground handling
Airfield technical support
Environmental safety
Economic - law
Information technologies
Strategic development of airports and international relations


Article 1. Terms and Definitions

  1. In this Regulation, unless otherwise expressly follows from the context or expressly stated in the relevant text following terms and definitions used in the following ways:

1.1. Association": Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil аviation, a legal entity which is established and is operated under the laws of Ukraine.

1.2. "Committee", "Committees": any committee of  Association alone or combination.

1.3. "Head": Chairman or the Chairmen of  Committee.

1.4. "Regulations": Regulations about Association Committeess, including amendments that may be done in future from time to time.

Article 2.Committees Status

2.1. Committees are the main working bodies of Association, oriented for deep professional comprehensive study of all matters relating to the areas of interest of Association and its members.

2.2. Committees do not have legal status, subdivision, branch offices of Association.

2.3. Vice-President of Association organizes  work of Committees .

2.4. Committees are accountable to and under the control of Association,  Chairmen of Committees provide regular reports.

Article 3. Principles of Committees activities

3.1. Committees are working with the following principles:

 (A) effectiveness. Committees provide prompt, adequate and complete processing  of each task;

(B) relevance. Committees should concentrate their efforts exclusively on issues that are relevant for the Association and its members;

(C) professionalism and apolitical. In carrying out the tasks of the Committees shall be prohibited in any way take into account political priorities and / or sympathy for the members of the Committee. In its work and decision-making committees are governed exclusively expertise and experience in relevant matters, the requirements of reasonableness;

(D) coordination. The committees provide ongoing coordination of their activities between themselves and with the Board, President of  Association, Association executive staff, experts airport related enterprises and companies, members of Association;

(E) planned character. Committees make a plan of Committee for the year that is approved by Board of Association and current work plans that are approved from time to time by Chairman of the Committee proceeding from the Board or independently formulated tasks.

Article 4. List of Committees

4.1. There are the following committees:

  • Aviation Fuel Supply
  • Air Transportation
  • Aviation security
  • Aviation ground equipment
  • Airfield technical support
  • Environmental Safety
  • Economic
  • Energy
  • Information technologies
  • Law

4.1.11   Strategic development of airports and international relations

4.2. In case of necessity Association, represented by its authorized bodies have the right to make changes to the list of committees, through amendments to this Regulation.



Article 5. Committees Structure

5.1. Committees include:

5.1.1. Head of  Committee.

5.1.2. Deputy Head of Committee.

5.1.3. Secretary of Committee.

5.1.4. Members of Committee.

5.2. Number of committees members of AAUCA is not limited and determined by the practical necessity and feasibility.

5.3. Subcommittees or working groups for solving certain specific issues can be created in Committee by the Committee Head decision. Working terms of such subcommittees or working groups shall be determined by the Committee Head.


Article 6 Committee Head

6.1. Work of Committee is guided by its Head.

6.2. Head of the Committee is approved by the Board of Association.

6.3. Head candidate is set up by members of Committee or by the Board.

6.4. Person may be nominated as a candidate for Head of the Committee, he or she meets the following qualities:

6.4.1 Has professional competence in the core area of activity of the Committee.

6.4.2 Has organizational abilities.

6.4.3 Has trust and support of members of the Committee.

6.4.4 Has desire and is able to devote his or her spare time to the work of Committee and can work effectively during the period of action mandate.

6.4.5 Is not  Head of any other Committee.

6.5. Chairman is approved for three years till the next Board meeting of  Association. At the end of the term of office Chairman makes a report  at the Board meeting. Then his authority is continued or Board approves new Chairman.

6.6. Chairman performs duties for free of charge and is not part of the labor collective of Association. Chairman of Committee on the decision of Boardsometimes may have reimbursed travel expenses or other costs associated with the activities of the Committee, if these expenses were previously agreed or coordinated with the Board.

6.7. Committee  Chairman Responsibilities:

6.7.1. Provides effective work of the Committee by approved activities.

6.7.2. Signs decision of the Committee and approved by the Committee documents.

6.7.3. Takes part in Board meeting of  Association,  General Meeting and conferences of Association.

6.7.4. Agrees Committee meeting terms with President, Vice-President of Association.

6.7.5. Assists in planning and organization of conferences and seminars on the activity areas of the Committee according to the interests of Association members.

6.7.6. Organizes preparation and publication of various articles and information materials on the Committee  activities in press and other media.

6.7.7. Informs Association members about activities of the Committee.

6.8. Rights of Chairman:

6.8.1. Involves experts at no cost that are required for successful performances of any problems.

6.8.2. Makes decisions on the establishment of subcommittees and / or working groups in Committees for solving the Committee tasks.

6.8.3. Distributes duties among members of the Committee. Controls their timely and quality performance.

6.8.4. Gives proposals to the Board regarding moral or material incentives of members of the Committee on the results of their work.

6.8.5. Approves the Deputy Chairman of the Committee.

6.8.6. Determines the order of meetings of the Committee and decides the possibility of people who are not members of the Committee participation in the meetings, journalists and others.


Article 7. Deputy Chairman

7.1. Deputy Chairman of  Committee shall be approved and recalled by the Chairman of  Committee.

7.2. Deputy Chairman performs the scope of work defined by Chairman of the Committee, and in cases of illness, vacation and / or absence of the Chairman by any other  reasons - performs duties of Chairman of Committee.


Article 8. Members of the Committee

8.1. Members of the Committee with the right to vote can be nominees who were:

8.1.1. Proposed members of Association only by means of a written request.

8.1.2. Agreed with the Chairman of the Committee (if proposition of Committee members takes place after the approval of the Chairman).

8.1.3. Approved at a meeting of the Board of Association.

8.1.4. Approval of the Committee members  is carried  out for an  indefinite term.

8.2. Committee members must:

8.2.1. Take an active part in the work of the Committee.

8.2.2. Timely and conscientiously fulfill all the orders and decisions of the Chairman of the Committee, including performance of distributed quantities.

8.2.3. To assist other members of the Committee (if there is a possibility).

8.2.4. To report on the results and status of tasks implementation assigned to the Chairman of the Committee upon request.

8.3. Committee members are entitled to:

8.3.1. Get the information needed to perform their tasks.

8.3.2. Suggest inclusion of this ar that question to the plans of the Committee.

8.3.3. Offer to take on the performance of this ar that task that is included in the plans of the Committee.

8.3.4. Vote on all the matters of the Committee.

8.4. The powers of the Committee member  shall terminate if:

8.4.1. Member pesses Committee meetings without valuable reasons for 3 or more times one by one.

8.4.2. Written renunciation of the Committee member to carry out his or her tasks.

8.4.3. Getting by the Chairman of the Committee claims from more than half of the members of the Committee about  the withdrawal of a certain member of the Committee.

8.5. In case of termination of powers of any member of the Committee Chairman or his deputy shall immediately notify in writing President of  Association about replacement of Commitee member.


Article 9 Forms of the Committee work

9.1. Forms of the Committee work are:

9.1.1. Independent work of the Committee in accordance with the division of responsibilities.

9.1.2. Work in subcommittees and working groups.

9.1.3. Committee meetings.

9.1.4. The survey of the Committee members.

9.2. Independent work of committee members is planned and organized by them independently, based on its tasks and workload.

9.3. Work in subcommittees, working groups is done according to the rules established during formation of the subcommittee or working group and taking into account the decision of the head of subcommittee or working group.

9.4. The Committee meetings are conducted by necessity, but at least 2 times a year.

9.5. Place and time of meeting appear in the annual work plan of the Committee, or are set on the current meeting or by the decision of the Chairman (Deputy Chairman).

9.6. Decisions during the Committee meeting are made by a simple majority of the members.

9.7. Each Committee meeting is reflected in the protocolwith all the results of review and means for their implementation.

9.8. In case of necessity to make a decision and the absence of possibility to hold a meeting of the Committee, certain documents (or offers) may be adopted by the survey. In this case:

9.8.1. Project of the document and the decision on its approval is sent with a covering letter by email by Committee Chairman or his deputy to all members of the Committee.

9.8.2. The Committee members consider draft decisions and documents within the established terms in the cover letter (which may be not be less than 3 working days) and provide their answers by sending an email message.

9.8.3. Chairman of the Committee provides an acount of the votes of Committee members. Decision can be considered as adopted if it receives the majority of Committee members voices. If there is no reply from member within the time limit, he or she is deemed to have abstained from voting.

9.9. Decisions of the Committee and approved by them documents and proposals are implemented by the executive staff of  Association and other competent authorities.

9.10. Worked out propositions by committees are the mechanism for the formation and implementation of policies of Association, ensuring the achievement of its statutory objectives.



Article 10. Law Committee

10.1. Main activities of the Law Committee:

10.1.1. Generates database of domestic and international regulation documents that operate the functioning of civil aviation in general and in particular airports.

10.1.2. Analyzes the implementation practice of the regulation documents that control the airports activities.

10.1.3. Formulates and justifies proposals to improve airports regulation documents, creates drafts of relevant documents, works with competent bodies of state issues and local governments to agree and implement these projects.

10.1.4. Conducts legal analysis of the draft regulation documents that control the activities of airports, that are initiated to the adoption by state and local authorities, reports about the following projects to Association members, forms the proposals on behalf of Association and cooperates with competent state issues and local governments to agree and implement these proposals.

10.1.5. Examines and summarizes the judiical practices of disputes to which operators of Ukrainian airports and people who are engaged in activities of the airport are involved.

10.1.6. Studies legal aspects of airport management, developing options and making recommendations for their implementation.

10.1.7. Promotes the integration processes of global aviation commonwealth by creating an consistent legislative framework.

10.1.8. Provides legal provision сontrol bodies of  Association.


Article 11. Economic Committee

Considers questions:

  • relationship between airports;
  • relationship between airports, airlines, meteorological supply, related agencies and organizations that work in airports;
  • development of passengers service sphere;
  • development of policies and proposals on airport charges;
  • development of recommendations on single tariff rates and service charges for aircraft service;
  • determination of the level charges for environmental safety and exceeding noise levels at airports;
  • development of the schemes of income from concessionaires;
  • definition of peak prices;
  • analysis of financial statistics of monetary and financial operations;
  • financing of airport and property rights;
  • state taxation, forecasting of traffic volumes, etc .;
  • economic effects from liberalization of air transport, air transport service agreements, competition between air transport and other modes of transport, propagation of computer systems, combining the airlines, general aviation development and of business aviation.
  • cash management.


Article 12 Airfield technical support Committee

Main tasks of the committee and its activities:

  • airfield technical support of flights (airfield, radio, light, meteorological, emergency- rescue support);
  • development, implementation and maintenance of airfield equipment and equipment that is involved in airfield maintenance and technical operation;
  • preparation of recommendations and proposals according to regulatory and technical documentation, technical requirements for the design, construction and operational documentation;
  • operational maintenance of airfields;
  • features of summer and winter maintenance of airfields;
  • design, construction and repair of airfields;
  • certification and licensing of airports, airfields, equipment and personnel;
  • search, rescue flight support;
  • ornithology;
  • promotion and participation in the development of regulatory documents on airfield logistics operation;
  • training and retraining of personnel according to the activity of the Committee;


Article 13 Aviation fuel supply Committee

Considers questions:

  • refueling of aircrafts by high quality aviation fuel and lubricants at airports in Ukraine;
  • relationship between services of airports, aviation enterprices and fuel supply complexes;
  • share best practices of companies and services of aviation fuel supply;
  • review and preparation for the coordination of projects of regulation document on fuel supply;
  • design and construction of fuel supply objects;
  • create and implement operational techniques and equipment for fuelling of aircraft, fuel quality control;
  • introduction in Ukrainian airports of centralized refuelers;
  • certification and permission for use of fuels and lubricants, technical liquids, equipment, fuelling and quality control methods, certification organization on ensuring of aircraft refueling by aviation fuel;
  • determination of the relevance of research in himmotology, design of equipment for receiving, storage and fuel refueling and quality control;
    • recommendations on certification of fuel laboratories of aviation enterprices;
    • develop proposals on certification and certification inspections of personnel on provision of fuel and lubricants;
    • develop proposals for the monitoring of the state of fuel and lubricant management;
    • prepare recommendations on the monitoring of fuel quality at all stages of acceptance and preparation for consumption;
    • implementation of business and commercial activities, including foreign trade, and organizations to ensure the fuel, which should not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and international norms.


Article 14 Committee of aviation ground equipment

Considers questions:

  • establishing partnerships with companies - manufacturers of aviation ground equipment (AGE)
  • interaction between developers, researchers, manufacturers and operators AGE;
  • functioning of special transport units in airports, aircompanies and companies that work at airports;
  • regulatory and technical support operation of AGE and special transport units;
  • ensuring aviation safety during the operation of AGE;
  • technical operation of airport special machines and airport equipment in special transport units;
  • inventory and logistics management of spare parts and components for AGE and airport equipment;
  • implementation of AGE advances models of domestic and foreign production in airports;
  • Expert analysis of technical parameters and AGE and airport equipment quality;
  • determination of relevance of scientific research works, related to the development and operation of AGE;
  • implementation of business relations, including foreign economic, within the law, with manufacturers of AGE;
  • organization of training and retraining of different levels of qualifications and units of special transport for airports, airlines and aviation enterprises;
  • organization and holding of scientific seminars, conferences and exhibitions of AGE.
  • organization of competitions of professional skills.


Article 15. Energetic Committee

Main tasks of Committee:

  • consider issues of energy, heat , water-supply and water discharge of airports;
  • upgrading airports with modern energy, heat and sanitary equipment;
  • introduction in the production of advanced energy saving technologies;
  • use of alternative sources of electrical and heat energy;
  • interaction with suppliers of electrical energy, coolants, water and gas;
  • certification of energy equipment;
  • coordination of airport energy units activities in determining of priorities in their work;
  • studying the best practices of the thermal energy of the airports and informing them about new developments in the field of energy;
  • assistance to airports in training of skilled workers and qualifications upgrading on the committee field of activity;
  • assist in the development of technical standards in the energetic fiels of airports.


Article 16 Aviation Safety Cоmmittee

Main tasks of Committee:

  • coordination of airports activities- members of Association "Airports of Ukraine" TA aviation security;
  • the study and dissemination of good practice in the field of aviation security;
  • promote and provide practical assistance in matters of airports airport certification, training and professional development of managers and specialists SAB;
  • introduction into operation of means of ensuring aviation safety;
  • equipment to ensure the safety of airports.


Article 17 Committee of Air Transportation.

Main tasks of the committee and activities:

  • consideration of the development of productive activities of airports related to the provision of services to air passengers (Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual (PSCRM), IATA1706s);
  • consideration of the relationship between airports, airlines and agents (operators) of passenger service at the airport (IATA - Airport Handling Manual);
  • development of new models of regulation for the introduction of modern international standards and recommended standard solutions in the field of ground handling services as the basis for the development of its production;
  • study experience in providing ground handling services at major airports in Ukraine, Europe and the world;
  • organization of training and retraining of personnel for servicing passengers and cargo at airports;
  • peer review preparation and implementation projects and existing industries and technologies in service of passengers and cargo at airports;
  • analysis of the situation on the introduction of information technology at airports in Ukraine and abroad and forecasting trends of development. Distribution of experience on implementation and operation of automated control systems, information, CUTE, CUSS and other systems;
  • problem of formation and development of organizational information systems process management service flights at airports;
  • processing problems of incluinge airports in the process of intermodal (multimodal) transport under the scheme "door to door" and others;
  • organization of mutual information, exchange of experience and training;
  • conference together with management of Association on the themes of comittee activities


Article 18 Committee of Environmental Safety

Main functions and activities of Committee:

  • -metodological and legislative regulatory framework in the field of aviation;
  • reduce the impact of airports on the environment;
  • environmental safety of action of fuel - filling complexes in airports;
  • ornithological safety ensurance;
  • introduction of new environmentally friendly materials and technologies;
  • problems and solutions of reducing aircraft noise;
  • sanitary - protective zone of airports;
  • international experience in the field of environmental protection;
  • modern systems of recycling of household waste;
  • clean technology sector;
  • cleaning of drainy flow


Article 19 Strategic Development of airports and International relations Committee.

Main functions and activities of  Committee:

  • prioritization of regional operating companies of airports according to economic conditions, development of business - plans for airport development, including regional development plan, the development of other businesses with property airports;
  • ways and mechanisms to attract investments of the private sector in the development of airfield infrastructure and aviation in property airports (airfields) of civil aviation;
  • interaction of airports of regional importance, owners of airports (local councils) and the aviation authorities of Ukraine;
  • provision of funding for regional airport development value of state and local budgets, the legal framework;
  • interaction of airports of regional importance with other airports in terms of sharing experiences, networking with carriers, suppliers of equipment and materials, potential customers and partners.

Article 20. Information Technologies Committee.

The Committee is designed to:

  • dialogue between all those who are interested in the process of construction, maintenance and development of IT systems at airports in Ukraine;
  • formation of clear understanding of the requirements for the quality and volume of goods and services in the IT field for airports;
  • improving the quality of passenger service and profitability of airports through the use of IT;


Main functions of the Committee:

  • Research and analysis: state of the IT infrastructure, level of automation of business processes, information security at the airports of Ukraine;
  • Development of guidelines on construction, maintenance and modernization of IT systems at airports;
  • create directory providers of IT products and services to airports;
  • Development of educational programs, training and staff development of airports in IT;
  • consulting, expertise and design solutions for the implementation and upgrading of IT systems;
  • Development of funding programs and IT investments for airports;
  • participation in the development of industry standards in IT for airports;
  • organization of forums, roundtables and presentations so that members of the Association have the possibility to explore new developments, trends and experiences of IT, identify the needs of airport in IT and collective issues and problems in

Main activities of Committee:

  • automation of business processes;
  • automation of airport resource management;
  • registration systems for passengers;
  • communications and telecommunications;
  • basic infrastructure (transmission, storage and processing);
  • information security;
  • system of automation and control of engineering systems;
  • scoring systems and alert;
  • display system;
  • physical security systems based on IT;
  • operational - dispatching centers;
  • additional IT services for passengers (using QR -code, Wi-Fi navigation, help systems, etc.).



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