Professionally trained specialists are the key to the success and safety of aviation

On August 10th, the leadership of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of Civil Aviation (AAUCA), in collaboration with the management of the Department of Airport Technologies at the Aerospace Faculty of the National Aviation University (NAU), discussed matters aimed at enhancing the quality of training for specialists in the field of Aviation Ground Equipment (AGE), in accordance with modern educational program requirements.

During the meeting held in an atmosphere of friendly communication and professional understanding, pertinent issues related to student and teacher preparation, organization of internships and training with foreign partners of AAUCA were addressed. One of the key topics was a joint initiative to create new textbooks encompassing specialized equipment and tools used in ground handling at airports and aviation enterprises. These textbooks are planned to be developed based on current data and the latest models of Aviation Ground Equipment (AGE) used globally in airports.

A decision was made during the session to initiate the process of gathering information from leading international companies specializing in the development and production of AGE. To accomplish this task, the resources and connections of AAUCA will be utilized.

This initiative is aimed at improving the quality of training for specialists in aviation ground equipment, providing them with up-to-date knowledge and practical experience in the field of aviation operations. Towards the end of the meeting, the Head of the Airport Technology Department, Professor Olexander Tamargasin, presented to the President of AAUCA, Petro Lypovenko, a textbook titled "Technical Operation of Aviation Ground Equipment," prepared by the department's researchers and published in 2017. This unique book is now essential not only for students but also for airport professionals engaged in AGE operations.

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