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On May 17 and 18, Association "Airports of Ukraine" of CA (AAUCA) held the 9th international scientific and practical seminar "Aviation ground technology: scientific research, production, operation and training of personnel" (hereafter Seminar).

As part of the seminar, a joint meeting of two committees - aviation ground equipment and aerodrome - technical support of flights took place. The event attracted the attention of the entire aviation community, which is determined by the number of presenters - about 100 people from the airports and aviation enterprises of Ukraine, as well as foreign visitors from the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, China, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan .

The participants of the seminar discussed the state and ways of introducing technical requirements and administrative procedures for the certification of aerodromes at airports and airlines, in accordance with EU Regulation No. 139 and the methodology for the development of the Aerodrome Guide, which the representatives of the State Aviation Administration have demonstrated to the present.

During the panel discussions, which covered technology and special equipment for aircraft maintenance, maintenance of aerodromes in operational condition using equipment, materials and specialty, aviation ground equipment could be viewed at the exhibition of equipment and airport equipment campaigns: JMS AG (Germany), Hydro - Geratebau Gmbh & CO.KG (Germany), PJSC "Plant of means of mechanization of the airports" (Ukraine), "TLD" (France), "Viplast" (Ukraine), "LINDE MATHIERAL HANDLING UKRAINE" LLC (Ukraine), companies JBTAeroTech ( USA) and OVERAASEN (Norway) Blvd. and presented by the distributor INTER TECUS (Lithuania), Ankur Group Coorporation (USA), Medinzhiniring LLC (equipment for measuring the GripTester grip ratio - Great Britain), fire fighting vehicles of the Titel company (Ukraine) , airfield equipment of companies MOVENTOR (Finland), VTSTERGARD (Denmark) and BOSCHUNG (Switzerland), which were presented by the company distributor ZAR AIR SISTEMS.

The company "Euromash" (Republic of Belarus) presented modern airfield equipment and its capabilities for modernization of previously installed, DR Energy Group Ltd. (Ukraine) and Kilfrost (Belgium) presented interesting information on new types of anti-icing fluids and technical capabilities of companies.

The issues of operation, maintenance, repairs and production facilities of their enterprises were brought to the attention of LLC "171 Chernihiv repair factory", NAK (Ukraine), AVIATE (Ukraine), and all types of insurance - representative of PJSC "Insurance Company" "BROKBUSINESS »

With the peculiarities and needs of technical support for ground handling at airports, Natalia Gotko, the director of the Hang-selling company "Sky Service" (Odesa), spoke.

Existing problems and directions of high-quality training and retraining of the ANT exploitation specialists were presented by professors Alexander Tamargazin and Andriy Belyatynsky, assistant professor Mykola Shinkarchuk (National Aviation University).

Leading experts at the Ukrdorproekt Institute, NAU, and GosDORNII took part in the panel discussion on the theme: "Aerodrome Coatings - Designing and Operation. Materials, special fluids for ongoing repairs and maintenance of aerodrome coatings."

Representatives of the SOLO PRIME LLP company (Great Britain) presented with great interest the modernization of existing light signal systems in Ukraine, while representatives of the OCEM JSC (Italy) and EltoDo (Czech Republic) companies spoke about the concepts and latest technologies in the production of light signal equipment enhancement technical characteristics, quality and reliability.

Representatives of the airports "Kyiv" (Zhulyany), Boryspil, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Sumy, Zaporizhia, Rivne, etc. participated actively in the discussions. "Mykolayiv", "Antonov", DAP "Ukraine", LLC "INTERAVIA", "Sky Service", LLC "Ukrdorproekt Institute", Kropivnitskaya flight academy of NAU, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Emergencies and others.

The workshop showed the high interest of airports, handling companies and other ANT operators in direct interaction with ANT manufacturers and distributors, companies that provide maintenance and repair of ANT, airport and airfield equipment.

In general, the international event was held at a high organizational and scientific and technical level thanks to the organizers and active assistance of the leadership of the Kyiv International Airport (Zhulyany). I. Sikorsky, who provided comfortable conditions for conducting the Seminar in the conference hall of the VIP-terminal of the airport, multimedia support of performances, presentations and reports, provided a platform for organizing the exhibition of aviation ground equipment.


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