Annual Aviation Festival of Ukraine - 5th International Aviation Forum "AEROCONGRES-2018" was held in "Odessa - Mama"!

September 26-28, 2018 International Aviation Forum "AEROCONGRESS-2018!" was held at the International Airport "Odessa" (new terminal)!

 This is the only specialized professional event that is in the aviation industry of Ukraine, reproduces the real state of events and offers solutions.

Representatives from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense, the Border Guard and Customs Service, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, the owners of the airports (representatives of regional, city ​​communities), as well as foreign visitors - about 250 people.

The event was covered by about 20 central and local media.

Opened this ambitious event of the aviation community, President of the Association of Airports of Ukraine Civil Aviation (AAUCA) Petro Lypovenko.

Director General of the Odesa airport Pavel Prusak presented a new corporate style of the airport, which in the near future will service 1,000 passengers per hour or about 3 million passengers a year, and the new logo of the airport in the form of a stylized sea wave harmonizes with the roof of the terminal and repeats an inscription that is so commonly heard from a small and associate with this city - "Odesa - mother".

 The main forum topics:

International airport development experience;
Potential of development of air transportation at airports of Ukraine.
Airlines of Ukraine and the EU.
Modern innovations in the development of airports
Use of the latest technologies, special equipment and special equipment in the technological processes of service at airports.

The program of the air forum included: greetings of all participants and guests, speeches and presentations of EU representatives in Ukraine, leaders of leading European airports, rewarding winners of the AAUCA competitions, acquaintance with the exposition of exhibition stands of participating companies, and an unforgettable gala dinner.

Several events took place on the fields of the aviation forum "AEROCONGRESS - 2018" (AAUCA Board and General Meeting of Participants), on which important decisions were taken on the further activities of AAUCA, which information will be provided later.

It has already become a tradition to sum up the results of such events, to determine the winners of the competition "Airport of the Year", which annually conducts the AAUCA. The winners were:

- Among the airports of Ukraine (in the nomination of more than 300 thousand served passengers per year), the international airport "Kyiv" them. Igor Sikorsky

 - among airports of Ukraine (in nomination less than 300 thousand served passengers per year)

International airport "Kherson".

- in the nomination "Airport - 2018. Leader of Dynamic Development" recognized as the best Odessa International Airport as an airline, which without a stopover carries out large-scale reconstruction, develops new infrastructure objects, the main ones are the airfield (ZPS, SSO, radionavigation, meteo security) and a passenger terminal, attracting investment for construction, introduction of new technologies and the purchase of equipment.

 The series of speeches is devoted to international cooperation of airlines, factors for promoting investment attraction and preferential lending, the structure of regulatory and regulatory policy, world experience, air transport capacity in Ukraine, as well as experience in building coatings, including cement concrete runways (Gomaco technology), maintenance of the operational state of the infrastructure.


Thus, aviation specialists presented a number of presentations and reports, which show effective solutions in IT, engineering networks, air safety, development of airport activities.

Unfortunately, such an event was not very interested in the leadership of profile Mininfrastructure and State Aviation Service, who knew in half a year about such measures, but did not invent the opportunity to participate in them. This once again caused the disappointment of those present.

Representatives of foreign organizations and airlines of Europe, namely representatives of the European Union in Ukraine, AIS -Europe, Heathrow Airport (London), have invented such an opportunity, and Ukrainian leaders do not, apparently, have nothing to report.

AEROCONGRESS-2018 has become a significant unique event in the lives of people living in aviation.

 Participants of the event were grateful to the organizers and sponsors of the event and look forward to new meetings within AEROCONGRESS, which will enrich new practical experience.

Such an event will remain in the memory of everyone who was present at the forum.

Professional, responsible patriots of aviation are dear to new meetings!

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