Holiday of professional skills among direct executors for ensuring aviation safety at Ukrainian airports - was held!

Holiday of professional skills among direct executors for ensuring aviation safety at Ukrainian airports - was held!

The leadership of Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA welcomes the winners of the competition of professional craftsmanship among the inspectors - operators of aviation safety!

For the second consecutive year, the first place and the title of the absolute winner was won by the team from the Lviv International Airport. Danylo Halytsky in the composition:

Savonchuk Zoryana Yaroslavivna - operator for security;
Liber Vladimir Igorovich - operator for safety;
Semenovich Svetlana Mikhailovna - operator for safety;
Taras Volodymyrovych Film - operator for safety.
Responsible Manager - Aviation Safety Inspectorate V. V. Krik

The second place was occupied by the team of the international airport Kiev them. Igor Sikorsky (LLC "Master-Avia") consisting of:

Naumenko Edward Sergeevich - Inspector for aviation security;
Prytuliuk Olesya Viktorovna - Aviation Security Inspector;
Transparent Olga Sergeevna - Aviation Security Inspector;
Drahoev Andrei Mikhailovich - aviation security inspector.
responsible head Ochkanov AO - Head of security control unit.

The third place was taken by the team of Odessa International Airport (LLC "MA" Odessa ") consisting of:

Shelest Yevgeny Viktorovich - Aviation Security Inspector;
Shimanska Nadezhda Viktorovna - Aviation Security Inspector;
Voronina Irina Evgenivna - Aviation Security Inspector;
Voinitskaya Irina Olegovna -Aviation Security Inspector.
Responsible manager Savisco IV - Head of the control department (VC) on the AB.

Participants of the event, which are deputies of directors and heads of subdivisions of airports and airlines of the Aviation Company, note that the skill and professionalism of the links of the operators who are directly in contact with air passengers grows year after year.

This is again confirmed by the results of the independent jury of our competition as follows: Tatiana Zagniy - Director of the ICAO European Regional Training Center, Irina Seryak, Senior Specialist in the Methodological Support of Aviation Safety Measures, UkSATSE, Kondinin Konstantin Sergeevich - the head of the control department at the airport "Kharkiv International Airport".

We are grateful to the members of the jury for the hard work, use of experience, professionalism in conducting the competition and summing up the results.

We note the airports of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya, which also showed high results. We hope that the acquired experience and skills, including specialists from AB Mykolayiv International Airport, which this time were as observers, will allow to win prize places in subsequent years.

The holiday took place, the winners received valuable gifts, and the participants of this competition will remember the joy of the competition and prepare for the future!

Unfortunately, not all airports were able to provide their teams to participate in the competition, who due to the employment of staff and the lack of complete equipment, and who due to their ambitions and lack of a sense of need for a direct meeting of specialists - executors who provide aviation security in the aircraft industry.

AAUCA expresses its great appreciation to the leadership of the Mykolaiv International Airport for the opportunity provided and the organization of the event on the basis of the updated passenger terminal. We wish that there will be a lot of air passengers in the near future!

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