Effective committee work, joy of the winners of aviation safety competition!

Effective committee work, joy of the winners of aviation safety competition!

On August 30, 2018, at the passenger terminal of the Mykolaiv International Airport, a meeting of the Aviation Safety Committee and a competition of professional skill of the inspectors - operators of aviation safety was held on the honorary title "Best on the profession on Aviation Safety", which was organized by Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation (AAUCA).

The meeting was attended by the leaders - specialists in the aviation safety of airports and airline companies, heads of the department of State Aviation Service , representatives of: law enforcement agencies that cooperate in providing aircraft in aircraft, companies producing equipment and systems for Aviation Safety, about 40 people.

The meeting was opened by t President of AAUCA, Petro Lypovenko, who spoke about AAUCA activity during the year, management plans for the current year, and also drew attention to the activities of management and personnel providing aviation security in Ukrainian airlines, on the issues and tasks facing the committee.

As chairman of the committee Mizyuk V.V. switched to work in State Aviatiob administration and unable to perform these duties. Committee members unanimously elected Zagniy Tatyana Volodymyrivna, director of ICAO European Regional Training Center for aviation security.

Present with great interest heard the report of the State Aviation Safety Survey Supervisor of the State Aviation Service - Rimma Oshkilko, who answered the questions and accepted the proposals of the participants of the event.

 The Committee considered the issues on the agenda and decided to appeal to the department of the State Aviation Administration with a letter recommending clarification of some of the provisions of the regulatory acts that are in force and in the draft version.

Presentations of companies - suppliers and manufacturers of tools and equipment for providing aviation safety were heard:

- LLC "Medinzhiniring" (Ukraine) - works in the field of providing comprehensive safety of the state, organizations, enterprises and citizens.

- "TSK" (Ukraine) - produce security seals that can reliably protect the property, the interests of people and companies around the world;

- Nuctech Company Limited (China), which offers equipment and systems for checking vehicles, checking baggage and parcels, personnel checks, detecting explosives and drugs, checking liquid, monitoring radioactive substances, exposure and integrated solutions.

The main prize of the Contest - AAUCA Cup, fought the airport teams: Kyiv International Airport. Sikorsky, Odessa International Airport, Lviv International Airport. Danila Galitsky, international airport "Kherson", international airport "Zaporizhia".
According to the results of competitions in three nominations, the Cup of Association "Airports of Ukraine" TsA received a team of operator inspectors for the second year in a row. Danylo Halytsky, who scored the most points and took first place, is the absolute winner.

 Leader and team winners:

Krik Vasiliy Nikolayevich - Responsible Aircraft Security Inspector;

Security Operations Operators:

Savonchuk Zoryana Yaroslavivna
Liber Vladimir Igorovich
Taras Volodymyrovych Film
Semenovich Svetlana Mikhailovna

The second and third places, respectively, were won by the teams: Kyiv International Airport. Sikorsky, the International Airport "Odessa",

The teams - winners of the Contest were awarded with the Honorary Diplomas and Certificates of the Association "Airports of Ukraine", their participants were awarded the honorary title "Best in the profession with AB", handed valuable personal gifts.

The winners of the Contest were warmly congratulated - the leaders of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA, colleagues, the director of "Mykolayiv International Airport", deputy directors of airports for aviation security.

The competition showed the proper professional level of training of the AB-inspectors of all participants, knowledge of normative legal acts and professional skills in work with supervisory equipment, perfect knowledge of technology issues, and the provision of care for AB in the passage of passengers through the control point.

Conducted Competition is an incentive to encourage inspectors - operators of aviation security departments of airports to highly effective work on different types of equipment, dissemination of advanced professional experience, psychological sustainability and technology observance. For inspectors - operators of Mykolayiv airport, which do not yet have passenger transportation, it was a great opportunity to take over the experience of the inspectors of leading Ukrainian airports.

The leadership of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" expresses its sincere gratitude to the director of "Nikolaev International Airport" Barney F.P. for the given opportunity to conduct the Contest on the basis of the terminal.

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