The event, which was so necessary and gathered many specialists interested in aviation ground technology.

Despite the martial law and the war with the Russian aggressor, the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) works as usual, fulfills its statutory duties in supporting its members in such a difficult period. One of these duties is the holding of events, such as the meeting of the aviation ground engineering committee (ANT), which took place on November 21, 2023 in the premises of the Kyiv airport named after I. Sikorskyi in a hybrid format (offline and online modes) and gathered about 40 people.

The specified event was designed for managers and representatives of companies - manufacturers of ANT, specialists of airport and airline divisions, leading specialists in the operation of airfields, ground maintenance of aircraft, scientists of a specialized university.

The great interest of those present was caused by a significant interruption, due to Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine, in communication and information about news in technologies, modernization of special equipment, world trends in preparing airfields for operational status and ground maintenance at airports, in the production and operation of ANT.

The participants of the event had the opportunity in a business and productive environment to consider a number of important issues, to discuss the state and prospects of the development of the ANT market in Ukraine.

Presentations were made by our foreign partners: CEO of the Swiss company Boschung Group, Gabriel Boschung, vice president of sales and maintenance of JMS AG, Richard Schilberg, technical sales manager of Vestergaard Company A/S, Jan Pojezny, commercial director Yuri Ivanovich Vlasenko and project manager Shysh Oleksandr Leonidovych of Zar Air Systems made presentations on behalf of special equipment manufacturers TLD, Moventor and JM Enterprise.

The meeting was held in a constructive, highly professional, friendly atmosphere. We managed to convey information about new technologies and special equipment. All questions that arose during the event were answered.
The participants of the event are very grateful to the management of Master-Avia LLC for providing the opportunity to hold the meeting and supporting AAUCA.

We hope that the event will contribute to the prompt restoration of air transport in Ukraine.

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