Timely, modern and effective proposals of AAUCA participants for the restoration of infrastructure facilities.

The features of these proposals are technologies and materials that can be used in the restoration and construction of airfield surfaces, roads, bridge crossings and other concrete structures, which is very important in this difficult time of ongoing Russian military aggression.

These and other issues were discussed at a meeting with the management and specialists of UNIPROM LLC (director - Petro Aizman), UKRDORPROJECT INSTITUTE LLC, and AAUCA. Special attention was paid to the use of the latest technologies and materials used in the world in the road and other industries, as well as the potential opportunities of the UNIPROM company, which owns them.

LLC "UNIPROM" has been operating in the market of transport construction of Ukraine for about 25 years, has an appropriate construction license, its own equipment, certified construction materials, trained specialists and many years of experience necessary for repair and restoration of asphalt concrete and cement concrete coatings and structures, rehabilitation of seams and cracks

LLC "UNIPROM" during the entire period of its activity cooperates with leading American and European companies, implements the latest technologies using modern materials in the construction and reconstruction of highways, airport airfields: Boryspil, Kyiv, Odesa, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkiv, maritime facilities ports and others, the quality of which has proven the company's ability to quickly and efficiently perform work in this direction, and today they have mastered the use of two more new modern technologies in construction, namely:

1.Steelike® UHPC is an ultra-high-strength concrete that exceeds the characteristics of conventional, high-performance concretes and mortars, having significantly higher compressive and tensile strength, ductility, bond strength and durability.

Steelike® UHPC is manufactured from finely dispersed granular particles with a very low water to cementitious materials ratio, resulting in a dense matrix with a discontinuous pore structure that provides extremely low permeability. Low permeability provides exceptional resistance to water and chloride penetration, freeze-thaw damage and chemical exposure.

Steelike® UHPC is internally fiber-reinforced, with a choice of fiber type and quantity to suit specific project needs.

Steelike® UHPC is the result of almost twenty years of research and development and is used in a wide range of applications including bridge decking, precast bridge deck panel connections, accelerated bridge deck replacement, precast/prestressed girders, precast girder joint repairs, slabs, repair of steel columns, replacement of bridge joints and architectural elements.

Other construction applications include, but are not limited to: blast and impact resistant cladding panels, precast piles, precast columns and pylons, tunnel linings, protection against aggressive environments and salt spray zones, protection against highly abrasive and/or nuclear environments.

Rapid Set. The American company CTS Cement, the world leader in the production of special cements, together with the world-renowned company for the production of industrial floors KORODUR ® has developed a unique, highly effective Rapid set technology, which allows you to reach a new technological level in the production of CTS Cement - Rapid set cement and solve fundamental construction problems.

Rapid Set - has very high strength indicators after hardening and a longer shelf life. Ideal where high strength, durability and low shrinkage are required. The concrete mixture can be applied with a thickness of 50 - 600 mm. The initial set of strength after 15 minutes, readiness for loading after about 1 hour.

Scope of application of Rapid Set: general repair concrete works, reproduction of the profile, anchoring, cementing, forming, pouring with mortar, construction of industrial facilities and highways, runways, agricultural construction, construction of shelters (bomb shelters), production of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, internal and external work, work in wet places.

Main advantages:

for internal and external works;
laid horizontally, vertically and above the head;
no shrinkage, greater strength;
fast-productive, multi-purpose;
for any concrete repair tasks;
no special primer is needed, only water;
quick grip - max. 60 min of hardening only in water;
increasing the service life of concrete.

We hope that new technologies and ground-breaking innovations of UNIPROM LLC will be in demand in the construction of civil and military infrastructure facilities to ensure safety, speed, and strength.

Contact person from the UNIPROM company: D. Syromakha, mobile phone +380504177442.

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