Development of Civil Aviation from a scientific and practical point of view

On April 18-20, the XVI international scientific and technical conference "AVIA-2023" was held at the National Aviation University. During the conference, 37 areas of aviation activity were discussed.

According to one of them, the management of the "Airports of Ukraine" Association of the CA (AAUCA) decided to participate, namely "Modern airport technologies and operation of aviation equipment", which took place on April 20, organized by the management and teachers of the "Airport Technologies" department and participation of students and airport representatives.

The meeting was held in an online format, where the speakers' presentations were presented. A number of important and interesting issues were discussed, including "Outsourcing of ground handling at airports", "Transition of aviation ground machinery to electric traction, advantages and problems", "The concept of digital twins for modeling the ground traffic system at airports".

AAUCA representatives opened the topic "Airport as a factor of the state's technological capability", concluding that today airports play an extremely important role in the economic and technological development of the state as a whole and its regions, as they create conditions for the development of tourism, business and investment attractiveness, and the introduction of advanced technologies and the creation of modern airport infrastructure helps to increase Ukraine's competitiveness at the international level, promotes its development and integration into the world economy.

Modern airports, including the airports of Ukraine, can become a springboard for the development of the economy of the country and the region, but the success of their activities and the economic feasibility of existence directly depends on modernity and equipment, comfort of space and service.

The conference was held on a business, constructive level, interestingly and productively, in a kind of discussion format. We hope that in the future there will be many more similar events aimed at the development and prosperity of Ukrainian aviation.

Materials of the section can be viewed here

And the AAUCA presentation is here

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