The veterans of the State Enterprise "Boryspil" celebrated their beloved company's birthday with pride.

Despite the Russian aggression and difficult circumstances in the country and aviation industry, the veterans of the Boryspil International Airport decided to gather and celebrate the 30th anniversary of their beloved enterprise.

The gathering was mostly attended by airport employees who held leadership positions and oversaw hundreds of specialized professionals, during the period of global changes from 1985-2000. Some of them had already visited foreign airports and familiarized themselves with their organizational and staffing structures, financial and economic relationships among all aviation transport market participants and airport operations.

The period of preparation for the separation of the Boryspil United Aviation Unit (BUAU) was not an easy one. There were some leaders in BUAA and the Ukrainian United Aviation Company (UUAC) who did not support the proposals of the initiative group led by Boris Shakhsuvarov, Petro Lypovenko, and Vasyl Honcharov. However, they were eventually convinced with real facts and prepared justifications on the financial and economic expediency and correctness of the path, which had been tested by many countries in the world. This idea also received support from the first Minister of Transport of independent Ukraine, Orest Klympush.

As we can see, the decision to separate aviation enterprises, which was taken in Ukraine as one of the first among the countries of the former USSR, was correct and brought positive and effective results, as well as further rapid development of the aviation industry in Ukraine.


The main focus of the event was on the joy of the reunion, reminiscing about their past work and achievements, expressing hopes for a quick victory and the resumption of the company's activities and air transportation, as well as congratulating the current leadership and colleagues on the anniversary.

A minute of silence was observed in memory of the leaders who did not live to see today's anniversary, namely: Mykola Pavlovych Shmatko, Ihor Verbitskyi, Mykola Kalita, Heorhii Yuriev, Yuriy Muzik, Valeriy Kahan, Mykola Virnyk, and Ivan Derkach. May they rest in peace and may they dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The meeting ended with tears of joy and slogans "Glory to Ukraine!" - "Glory to the Heroes!", "Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!" - "Death to the enemies!".

Let's work and bring the victory closer.

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