Despite the dire situation that is the result of russian aggression in Ukraine, the veterans of Boryspil International Airport decided to meet on their professional and festive day - the Day of Aviation of Ukraine, previously it took place on August 18.
During the short break between meetings, which are the years of the Covid-19 pandemic and the period of war, there was a great desire to meet, see each other, congratulate on the holiday and remember the moments of professional life.
And there are things to remember, for example: how the separate economic and financial enterprise of SE IA "Boryspil" was organized, how the process of exiting the crisis period of the 90s continued, how the reconstruction of terminal "B" began, how the construction of the new flight area No.1 with modern ones began, for the period, systems and equipment, as the construction of terminals "F" and "D" lasted.
Today's veterans of the airport, participants of the event, hosted
direct participation in all these processes, from the development of technical conditions and design tasks, to certification and commissioning.
We can be proud that these people, without exception, were professional managers of various levels, from the general director to the heads of services and departments, who had professional aviation education, organizational skills and knew well what responsibility is.
The participants of the event sadly remembered the managers who at one time headed the capital's aviation company, with whom they had the opportunity to work: M.I. Dubovik, M.F. Khotynskyi, I.G. Smelyanskyi, V.K. Nazarenko, L.V. Pogrebnyak., Shmatko M.P. The kingdom of heaven to them and our bright memory.
The participants of the event are very grateful to the organizers for such a wonderful meeting and pleasant communication.

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