Friendly professional dialogue of the previous and current executives of Borispil airport

On January 12, 2018, a meeting of veterans of the enterprise - airport managers of different periods took place at the museum of the Boryspil International Airport: Boris Shahsuvarov, Petro Lypovenko, Vasyl Goncharov, chairman of the Aleksandr Martynyuk airport trade union committee, Petro Dankov airport council veterans, Honored Transport Worker of Ukraine Tetyana Dudar with General Director Pavel Ryabikin and his deputy Oleg Struk.

At the meeting, the issues of current activity of the enterprise were discussed. Veterans gladly greeted the leadership and the airport team to overcome the 10 millionth passenger service line in 2017. Also discussed were the issues of strategic development of the airport until 2030, reconstruction (construction) of the 2nd airspace, which exhausted its operational resources, problems which were not resolved during dozens of years - is the right to manage the company to lease production space, transfer the concession, outsourcing the non-core activities for the airport and carry personal responsibility for the results. One of the problematic issues is the availability of qualified aviation personnel in the aviation sector, and so on.

After getting acquainted with the exhibits of the museum and the history of the establishment of the airport as a subject of economic and financial activity, the participants discussed the program of preparation for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Boryspil Airborne Enterprise, veterans submitted their proposals that were accepted for analysis and further implementation. .

The meeting was held in a sincere, frank and comfortable atmosphere, which confirmed the sense of responsibility of the executives for the task entrusted to them - the activity of such a socially important, strategic enterprise.

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