Happy news in the family of Ukrainian aviators

02/07/2012 The leadership of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) and invited guests from from Brussels, on the 112th anniversary of the birth of the great Ukrainian aircraft designer Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov, took part in a solemn event - the awarding of Antonov's name to the State Museum of Aviation - an active participant and partner of AAUCA.

Antonov's score for Ukrainian aviators is unique and legendary! Under his leadership, the most popular passenger liner and the largest transport aircraft of the "AN" family were created, which became the symbols of Ukraine as an aviation state and are flying to the present day around the world.

The State Museum of Aviation also presents a large number of exhibits and aircraft of the "AN" family. Director of the Air Transport Enterprise (ATP) Antonov Airlines Kharchenko MG during his speech, he assured those present about two more planes to be transferred to the Museum: An-124 and An 22.

In ceremonial events, together with the leadership of the NAU and the State Museum of Aviation: the rector Isaenko V.M., the director of the museum Ziatdinov Yu.K., the people's deputies of Ukraine Andriyevsky D.Ya., Ischeykin K.E., the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Rashkevich Yu. M., the president of the Federation of Aircraft Sports of Ukraine Prysiazhniuk V.K., also took the wife and daughters of the aircraft designer.

The leadership and participants of AAUCA sincerely congratulate the team of the museum and all aviators of Ukraine with such an outstanding event!

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