"Revival and development of air transportation from regional airports"

"Revival and development of air transportation from regional airports" -

Under such a slogan, on June 21, at 10-00 in the city of Rivne, an international aviation forum will be held at the conference hall of hotel "Ukraine" (Soborna St. 112, Rivne, 33028).

The program of the event involves consideration of global issues for the development of aviation in Ukraine, speeches, presentations, discussions on the areas of interaction of all participants in the air transport market, modern requirements to airports.

During the event, an overview of the infrastructure of Rivne airport is planned, as well as business communication of the participants with the representatives of central authorities, airports, enterprises and organizations.

The place of the meeting was chosen not by chance, since the owners (Rivne Regional Council) and the airport management are making a lot of effort to develop air travel from the airport.

The specific program of the event is under development.
We invite AAUCA participants to participate. Your experience and the opportunity to share practical advice will help not only the development of the Rivne Municipal Enterprise, but also other regional airports.

Information about participation (contact details) to send to AAUCA on tel. 044-339-27-04, 044-339-27-03; e-mail: civiliavас@gmail.com.

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