Sincere congratulations and wishes to colleagues, partners

Sincere congratulations and wishes to colleagues, partners

May 23 at the Kiev International Airport. I. Sikorsky solemnly opened the second queue of the passenger terminal "A", which almost doubled the capacity of the passenger traffic of the airport.

We are pleased for the success and congratulate the active member of the Association of Airports of Ukraine CA (AAUCA), which is increasing passenger traffic in difficult and competitive conditions (this week Kiev Airport served its one millionth passenger) and fulfills the planned stages of the airport infrastructure development for the purpose of improving service and comfort passengers and guests of the capital.

An additional 18 check-in counters and passport control cabins, a network of food establishments, and duty free shops create comfort for passengers.


One of the participants of AAUCA, which provides delicious Ukrainian dishes, is the company "WOG CAFE", which fits perfectly into the interior of the new wing of the terminal.

Not only Ukrainian airports but European airports can envy such comfortable conditions that are created for air passengers today.

AAUCA Management Congratulates Investors and Managers of Kyiv International Airport I. Sikorsky, who wished further success in increasing the passenger flow and faster return on investment, presented memorable souvenir gifts. At such an enjoyable event, most congratulations were attended by most of the heads of airports of Ukraine, other participants of AAUCA.

This year it is planned to open new terminals at the airports of the cities of Odessa, Zaporozhye in full technological cycle. In the future, such an event is expected at the airports of Kharkiv and Dnipro.

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