Manufacturers and operators of aviation engineering and equipment have long been waiting for such a participant!

At the last meeting of the Board of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA), which was held on 21.05.19year new participants of different activities were accepted at the UkSATSE headquarters. This is a one-time maximum for admission for all years of the existence of AAUCA. Such an interest of enterprises, organizations and institutions in a public organization is caused by the independent, unbiased, professional position and attitude of the leadership of AAUCA to each participant.

In addition to companies directly cooperating with airports and airlines, this time an enterprise with a specific activity, which is necessary for today, was accepted into the participants - PP "LEANT", which provides services in designing and manufacturing of metal parts and products. Performs laser cutting, plasma cutting and perforation of metals, as well as cutting, welding and bending of metals on machine tools with software controls, followed by painting and braking. All this is done with accuracy and admittance to ten microns in the shortest possible time. Products can be serial on a regular basis and individually once.

For such an enterprise at airports there is always work: manufacturing mast and racks for aerodrome lighting, a kind of brackets, fasteners, blocks, buildings, frames, and others.All this was presented in the presentation of the company's activity, which was led by the director and one of the founders of PP "LEANT" Andriy Gryshkov.

With presentations and video it is possible to get acquainted below and with direct communication with the management of PE "LEANT" contacts:+380 67 406-49-58, +380 93 279-79-69,

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