"Countering the Challenges and Threats of Cybersterrorism as a Component of High Security in Aviation"

At the time and according to the plans of the Board and Committees for 2019, Association of Airports of Ukraine of CA (AAUCA) holds a joint meeting of the aviation safety committees and information technology (IT).

The meeting will be held at the building of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (MIU) at the address: Kyiv, Peremogy 14, room. 303, February 7 at 10:00, registration starts at 9:30. The program will be provided later.

The program of the committee meeting provides provision of practical assistance to specialists who organize and provide IT infrastructure and aviation security activities at air companies.The meeting will consider the risks associated with cyber attacks, advice on preparation for the protection and minimization of losses, and organizational and practical measures aimed at ensuring aviation safety.

Since the methods of counteracting cyber attacks are solved in the interaction of several subdivisions of airlines, the deputy heads of aviation enterprises, department heads and specialists responsible for aviation security and IT infrastructure are invited to committee meetings.Representatives of the MIU, the State Aviation Service, ICAO, enterprises organizing the practical support of cyber defense are planning to participate in the meeting of the committees: the development of programs with the use of appropriate equipment.

We invite to the participate specialists who take care of this area. Additional information and registration by e-mail: [email protected], [email protected] and tel / fax: + 380-44-339-27-03 / 04

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