Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) publishes information about the activities of its participants, today it is:F'Systems - developer of individual IT solutions for business process systematization

F'Systems - developer of individual IT solutions for business process systematization.

The main mission of the company is to help businesses gain new degrees of freedom and accelerate their pace of development.

The company works to make business processes easy and precise, and people have used comfortable and up-to-date tools in their work.

The features of the F'Systems approach are individual design with in-depth study of the business processes of the company, product durability and partnership.
F'Systems plans to function together with the client. The main goal is to increase the efficiency of the client's business.

The final product of the company's work is not just an interface and functional, but also a pleasant experience of using the system and a general improvement of business.
The company provides integration of systems into the client's working environment. Starting with the training of employees using the system and ending with technical support after implementation.

Operational support - a duty to the client.
F'Systems offers:
1) optimal functional system (selection and development of modules, which are necessary for the business process);
2) increase of efficiency of work (reduction of time for performance of operational tasks of structural subdivisions and acceleration of work in business cycles);
3) ease of use of systems (the simplicity and flexibility of the system interface will allow employees with no technical skills to easily handle operational tasks).

A properly designed system can become an accelerator for business development. Routine processes are optimized, employee time is used rationally, the number of errors through the human factor is reduced, controlling a large amount of data becomes easier.

Along with more complex tasks, F'Systems also develops and implements modern websites, such as the sample, and one of the modular directions, electronic document circulation, and more.

Clients of F'Systems - Kievgas, Wexler Group, Datagroup, R-Building Co, Alexeyev, Boyarchukov and partners.

(044) 364 55 17
[email protected]
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