Belavia Airlines is the leader of passenger transportation in the Republic of Belarus

Recalling the AeroCongress - 2018 we would like to mark the presentation of Belavia Airlines

Belavia Airlines is the leader of passenger transportation in the Republic of Belarus. The basis of the airline's activities is the principle of creating a positive image, which is formed on the basis of safety, regularity and accuracy of flight operations, improving the quality of passenger service.

Belavia is a modern, dynamic company that meets the latest innovations in the field of civil aviation, seeks to continuously develop and improve, as well as attract a new number of passengers.

The primary tasks set for itself modernization of the air fleet, effective use of resources, introduction of new information technologies and constant improvement of quality of service, both on board and on the ground.

The airline's main focus in its work is to enable its customers to fly as direct flights, and without delay, to continue their journey to any part of the world, trying to take into account all the wishes of the passenger.

Due to the development of transit traffic, the purchase of new and more spacious airplanes, as well as the reduction of tariffs and holding of shares for 3 years, they can annually increase the number of passengers by an average of 20%.
This year, the share of transit passengers on regular flights of the airline amounted to about 60%, from Ukraine about 80%.

Attitude to the work of Belavia employees and Belorussian affinity can be assessed every time while traveling by airline in business or recreation. Due to the united team of high-class professionals who love their work and are proud of it, Belavia has proven itself as a reliable and competitive airline for a short period of time.

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