The event, which attracted the attention of specialists from various branches of economic activity in Ukraine

Upon the invitation of the Rector of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after I. Sikorsky" (NTUU KPI), Mykhailo Zaharovych Zgurovsky, and the Head of the Department of Automation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Complexes, Serhii Boichenko, the leaders of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" Civil Aviation (AAUCA) – President Petro Lipovenko and Vice-President Oleksandr Franchuk participated in a solemn event and the current scientific life of KPI.

Aviation in Ukraine originated precisely at KPI, with the participation of Igor Sikorsky, Mykola Artemiev (a student of Mykola Zhukovsky), Petro Nesterov, Dmytro Hryhorovych, Volodymyr Chelomey, Serhii Koroliov, Oleksandr Mikulin, Arkhip Lyulka, and others. The first aviators involved in the construction and operation of aircraft (A/C) are graduates of KPI. Therefore, to this day, the ranks of professionals at the world's leading A/C manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, include KPI alumni.

The solemn event began with honoring the memory and unveiling a memorial plaque for the first head of the department, Professor Chermalykh V.M., who worked at the department for over 30 years. Under his leadership, 8 educational and research laboratories were created and equipped with modern equipment, laying the foundation for research and education. Professor Chermalykh V.M. made a significant personal contribution to the development of the Department of Industrial Process Automation, which was later transformed into the Department of Automation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Complexes. Speeches about his role in the development of the department and the institute were delivered by the rector and the head of the department. Professor Chermalykh's wife and daughter were present during the memorial.

During the meeting with the rector of NTUU KPI, Mykhailo Zgurovsky, there was an exchange of views on the joint participation of KPI scientists and Ukrainian aviators in the development and implementation of technologies (using alternative, environmentally friendly energy sources) in the aviation industry. Based on mutual agreements, a cooperation agreement was signed between AAUCA and NTUU KPI, envisioning partnership in various directions of scientific and educational work, internships, dissemination and implementation of new technologies, joint events, and more.

Keeping pace with progress and ecological requirements for society, the leaders and scientists of the Department of Automation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Complexes, in the direction of energy conservation and the development of energy-efficient technologies (Boichenko S., Shkilniuk I.), collaborating with the Association of Hydrogen Technologies, opened a modern laboratory stand based on a Toyota car powered by burning a hydrogen mixture.

The development of hydrogen energy requires constant research and innovation. Higher education institutions, such as NTUU KPI, create the necessary conditions for research and the development of new technologies that will contribute to improving the production, storage, and transportation of hydrogen and creating more efficient hydrogen fuel cells.

The presentation of the laboratory was attended by the rector Mykhailo Zgurovsky, the director of the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management Oksana Vovk, the head of the department Serhii Boichenko, the vice-president of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council Oleksandr Diachenko, and a representative of the student community.

It was pleasant to meet at this event like-minded individuals who are involved in the development and standardization of aviation fuels and lubricants – the head of the technical committee TC 38 Kochirko B.F. and the director of "Fuel Technologies" LLC Pushak A.P., who were engaged in the development of specifications for aviation gasoline and additives for aviation fuel JET+ and others.

We hope that the traditions of the scientific school of the technical university, which is one of the leading higher educational institutions in Ukraine, and the cooperation between AAUCA and KPI named after Igor Sikorsky will be a good foundation for further development and modernization of their activities.

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