Meeting of those interested in modernizing their production, searching for colleagues and partners in joint activities.

On September 26-28, 2018, the 5th (jubilee) International Aviation Forum (Airforum) "AEROCONGRESS - 2018" will be held at the airport of the glorious city of Odessa, within which the following events are planned:

September 26, 2018: Board meeting, general meeting of the Association of Airports of Ukraine CA (AAUCA).

- September 27, 2018: AeroCongress - 2018 International Aviation Forum

Venue: Odessa International Airport, new terminal.

-28 September 2018: continuation of the air forum, excursions to the sights of Odessa.

The forum will be held in the format of discussions, presentations, aeronautics, press conferences, exhibitions of achievements, competition "Miss Aero", gala dinner.

The following are invited to participate in AEROCONRESS-2018: representatives of central executive and legislative bodies of Ukraine (AP, BP, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Aviation Service, border and customs departments), ambassadors and diplomats of foreign countries, representatives of owners of regional airports of Ukraine - heads of regions and cities of Ukraine. Participation in the events is also planned: the leadership of the International Council of European Airports (ACI Europe), colleagues and partners of airports and airlines of Ukraine from Europe, America, and Asia; representatives: airlines, companies and organizations of the aviation industry, tourism industry, air transportation agencies, consulting and handling companies, financial institutions, potential investors, companies of aircraft manufacturers and special equipment for ground handling.

The event will also be interesting and practical for specialists in the organization of the processes of construction and reconstruction of the main infrastructure objects of airports: passenger terminal, artificial runway and other engineering structures.

Detailed information is available on the AAUCA website www.aauca.org.ua and at FB at www.facebook.com/UkraineAirports, a program of the event in the development, will be published later.

Participants are invited to sponsor participation in the organization. For sponsors and general sponsors it is planned to place promotional materials in the zones of the terminal, place - at will (stand, banner, multimedia presentation). The activities of sponsor companies will be displayed on information stands, print and electronic media.

Those wishing to take part in the above-mentioned events need to register at www.aauca.org.ua on the AEROCONGRESS page. Consultations may be obtained by phone / fax + 380-44-339-27-03 (04).


Looking forward to see "AEROCONGRESS - 2018"!

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