Offers from our new colleague, the Estonian-Finnish company "Field Services OU" LLC. VALTRA S374 tractor with MJH-241 STX series mulcher.

We understand that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine, all air transportation by civil aircraft in the airspace of Ukraine has been suspended, and this is all airport activity.


In our opinion, this period of time can be used to bring airfields, and especially the ground part, in some areas of which there are woody growth and stumps, which increase annually in area and height, in compliance with the requirements of regulations.

In order to stop its further expansion, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the proposals of our new colleague, a member of AAUCA - the Estonian-Finnish company "Field Services OU", whose representative office in Ukraine received a mechanized kit that can successfully cope with such a problem. This is a VALTRA S374 tractor with a cutter (mulcher) of the MJH-241 STX series.

Below are the technical characteristics of this set:

Special, newest VALTRA S374 tractor
Engine power 272 kW (370 hp)
Transport width 2.55 m
Transport height 3.382 m
Speed 50 km/h
Working volume 8.4 l
Turn over 1950 rpm
Max. torque 1600/1500 Nm
Mulcher MJH-241 STX
GDP (540)/1000 rpm
Technical data: 
 Power range 50-90 hp
Rotor diameter/width 400/1350 mm
Working depth 200-300 mm
Main dimensions:
Length  1550 mm
Width  1800 mm
 Height  1010 mm
 Weight  710 kg

Thanks to the latest VALTRA S374 chassis with a wide wheelbase of 3.1 m, the tractor has excellent stability. Even without load and counterweights, the weight of the machine is 12 tons, but it is optimally distributed along the axles. Combined with four-wheel drive, hydropneumatic suspension and solid 620/65R34 and 710/75R42 tires, all the power of the turbocharged 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 8.4 liters is transmitted to the ground evenly. Therefore, S374 always maintains stable traction and can move confidently off-road in any climatic conditions.

Video recordings of the set operation can be viewed at the following links:
Video 1
Video 2

In case of interest, the Field Services company and its representative office in Ukraine can carry out work on the elimination of plant and woody growth, prepare the designated areas in accordance with the regulations and stop its further expansion.

Below are the contact details for further communication to clarify the questions.

Representative of the company in Ukraine: Hutsul Vasyl Antonovych:
phone +380 67 384 39 14, e-mail [email protected]

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