Opportunities of AAUCA participants in the post-war recovery of airport activities

In this difficult time of ongoing russian military aggression, the management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) is working as usual and held a meeting with the management of LLC "UNIPROM", where the potential opportunities of the company "UNIPROM" regarding the restoration of coverage of airfields of Ukraine were discussed and proposed. This topic is relevant today, given the state of most airfields.
"UNIPROM" LLC has been working on the transport construction market of Ukraine for about 25 years. During the entire period of its activity, it implements the latest technologies with the use of modern materials in the construction and reconstruction of highways, airfields of Boryspil, Kyiv, Odesa, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkiv airports, seaport facilities and others, the quality of which has proven the company's ability to quickly and efficiently perform the work of this direction.
The company also specializes in the supply of materials (dry cement mixtures, mastics), equipment for installation and repair of artificial surfaces.
A wide range of materials used by the enterprise allows to ensure the installation of reliable, resistant to elevated temperature and mechanical deformations, both asphalt concrete and cement concrete coatings.
The use of modern materials in projects allows to increase the reliability of structures, including durability and the ability to perceive high loads.
The director of the UNIPROM company Petro Aizman spoke about the most modern technologies and materials (made in the USA) used by his company, which allows to carry out repairs and achieve the required strength of artificial coatings in a matter of hours, which is important for the restoration of aviation activities at destroyed airfields.
LLC "UNIPROM" has an appropriate construction license, its own equipment, certified construction materials, trained specialists and many years of experience necessary for repair and restoration of asphalt concrete and cement concrete coatings and structures, remediation of seams and cracks.
The experience of UNIPROM LLC's work with AAUCA participants proves that the company is able to carry out construction and reconstruction of artificial surfaces of various elements of the airfield with high quality and on time.

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