Information that may be useful to colleagues who have been forced to move outside Ukraine

The management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA continues to share information that may be useful to colleagues who have been forced to move outside Ukraine and are looking for work in Europe. With the help of the information we have previously posted, about two dozen specialists are already working at European airports, including aviation security.

Menzies Aviation has opened the 2nd stage of recruitment and is accepting colleagues with no experience in Romania. The following is a description of the vacancy.

Passenger service agent (Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic).

People. Passion. Pride. This is what our team has been guided by since 1833.
You will join our team as a passenger service agent and become the face of our airline customers, check in and board passengers on the aircraft, and arrange luggage and other travel items. By ensuring high standards of performance, you ensure that we provide customers with an unrivaled pre-flight experience.
By joining us as a customer service agent, you will open the prospect of a long-term career in the aviation industry. We strive to develop our employees and strive to provide career opportunities first and foremost to our employees.
You will strive to offer exceptional customer service and be proud of your work. We expect you to follow our safe practices and have health, safety for yourself, colleagues and others in everything you do.

Your key responsibilities will be:
• Checking the travel documents of passengers together with the relevant identification documents to ensure compliance with the requirements of the governing bodies.
• Registration of passengers in airline systems for compliance with policies and procedures. Issuance of boarding passes and luggage tags, identification and registration of dangerous goods.
• Making payments for excess baggage and any other additional income that the airline receives through the airline's systems, ensuring compliance with the rules of the Menzies process of processing cash for card payments.
• Boarding / escorting of passengers on flights, following safety rules.
• Ensuring timely opening of check-in, baggage clearance and boarding to achieve regular departure.
• Sale and replacement of passenger tickets (if necessary).
• Perform tasks in the lounge to meet guests and work with requests and upgrades.
• Confident and professional answer to questions or inquiries of passengers
• Assistance in managing failures.
• Assistance in other revolving flight services (if applicable).

You can be sure that you will be fully trained and fully tested before you are asked to perform any of the above aspects of the role. A more detailed description of the vacancies will be provided after you are offered the position.

Our business is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you need to be prepared for a flexible schedule - work shifts and working days.

Qualifications and experience:
• Good level of verbal communication.
• Careful attention to detail.
• Ability to work with a variety of information technologies.
• Complete 5-year history of work / unemployment / training.
• Confirmation of the right to work in the UK.
• Full and valid UK driver's license or valid passport.
• Certificate of no criminal record and admission to airport security zones (we will help in this process).
• Employment in Hungary does not require registration experience.

Menzies Aviation is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from candidates with the appropriate qualifications and requirements, regardless of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, religion or belief, marital status, pregnancy and maternity. We strive to create an inclusive work environment where different knowledge, perspectives, experiences and approaches of the global workforce are presented. Where everyone feels valuable and can fully unleash their potential.
Please keep in mind that as part of our hiring process, we may use a variety of resource search tools to help us understand your skills and experience in this role. Please let us know at the time of application about any adjustments to the recruitment process that you would like us to consider.

For information to apply:
+380 (50) 465 95 90 (telegram, whatsapp, viber)
[email protected]

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