During the period of intensive preparation for the autumn-winter period, a friendly, professional conversation took place between specialists who are responsible for the energy supply of the aviation enterprises of Ukraine

August 19 at 10:00 in the terminal "B" of the international airport "Kiev" hosted a meeting of the energy committee of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation (AAUCA).

The meeting was held in two formats: Zoom conference and offline mode. In total, there were about 35 participants at the meeting (a representative of airports and air reception facilities, companies that generate and consume electricity, a representative of equipment, materials for energy supply, as well as the Ministry of Energy, DTEK, companies for the design, construction and reconstruction of energy supply facilities).

The participants of the event discussed the issues of what should be the state of the energy supply of airports, the introduction of energy efficiency processes in aircraft receptions in the design, construction, modernization of facilities, the introduction of the latest technologies in the organization of lighting for the infrastructure of airports, the power supply of separate remote airfield facilities that guarantee the safety of flights using alternative power sources and borrowing with a supplier of electricity and heat.

Representatives of "Get Group Ukraine" Lilia Gvozdio and Serhiy Matkovskiy in online mode presented information about their activities, and offered the possibility of creating a pilot project for lighting systems of one of the airports in Ukraine.

Also at the meeting there was an opportunity to look at each other and listen to the presentation of the representatives of YASNO EFFICIENCY LLC (DTEK), Vitaly Konoplenko and Yuriy Kratenko, about the services they offer. The company provides services under the terms of energy service contracts, which provide for the implementation of complex energy efficient turnkey projects at the expense of the company's investment. It is interesting that the return on investment occurs exclusively due to the achieved energy savings, which allows the client not to incur additional costs.

An important event was the elimination of the new chairman and deputy chairman of the Energy Committee, which became the Alexander Evgenievich Zemlyaniy, the chief power engineer of International Airprt "Odessa" LLC and Alexander Ivanovich Kondratyuk, the chief power engineer of the International Airport "Boryspil" State Enterprise, respectively.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the I. Sikorsky International Airport "Kiev" for providing the opportunity to hold AAUCA events in comfortable and technical conditions.

We hope for further cooperation with leading companies whose activities are related to energy, so that the event was interesting and useful with effective results.

Proposals and Presentations of the companies that were considered at today's meeting will be posted further on the media resources of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation.

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