The range of social and environmental issues of today was considered at a meeting of the AAUCA Committee on Ecological Safety

The range of social and environmental issues of today was considered at a meeting of the AAUCA Committee on Ecological Safety

On April 20, 2021, a meeting of the AAUCA Committee on Environmental Safety (EB) took place from the office of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) in the online Zoom-conference mode. The meeting addressed issues related to the state of environmental safety and its provision in airlines.

The conference was attended by representatives of IMU, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the State Aviation Service, the Council of European Airports (ASI EUROPE), scientists from the National Aviation University (NAU), environmental experts from airlines, a total of about 40 participants.

As environmental protection is one of the most important, especially in aviation, and requires a responsible attitude, the event with such a busy agenda was relevant and useful.
The following questions were offered to the participants:

1. Management of the environmental safety system at European airports.
The speaker is Marina Bilinski, Head of the Sustainable Development Department of the Council of Europe Airports (ASI EUROPE).

2. "Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches - ANIMA".
Speaker - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Leading Researcher of NAU Alexander Zaporozhets.

3. Stages of development of the NOMOS program as an interactive tool for stakeholders on the conditions and restrictions of construction on the aerodrome territory of Ukrainian airports.
The speaker is Svitlana Marunych, Head of the Department of Development and Ecological Safety of DASU.

4. "Critical Review and Assessment of Noise Impact, Noise Management Practices at Airports" - "Critical Review and Assessment of Noise Impact".
Speaker - Ph.D., Associate Professor of Industrial and Civil Safety NAU Elena Konovalova.

5. Taxes on the activities of the airline related to sources of ionizing radiation (in accordance with the requirements of subparagraph 242.1.5 of Article 242 of the Tax Code of Ukraine).
The speaker is Olga Drach, Chair of the AAUCA Environmental Safety Committee, Environmental Engineer of the Boryspil International Airport.

6. Conditions for airlines to comply with the Law of Ukraine "On Principles of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions", as a stage of implementation of the "Action Plan to reduce CO2 emissions", developed by the State Aviation Service.
The speaker is Olga Tymoshenko, Deputy Chairman of the AAUCA Committee on Environmental Safety, Head of the Ecology Department of the Odessa Municipal Enterprise.

7. Environmental aspects of the use of anti-icing fluids, reducing the impact of anti-icing reagents used for anti-ice treatment of aircraft and artificial airfield coatings on the environment.
Speaker: Sergey Yezhov, Director of LLC Energy Group.

8. Environmental factor of utilization and recycling of air transport.
Speaker: Serhiy Boychenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Supervisor of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Center of Chemotology and Certification of Fuel and Liquidation and TR NAU.

9. Recycling of plastic waste.
Speaker: Chief Designer, Doctor of Science in the field of environmental safety, Aeroenergoprom Plant LLC, Belarus, Vitaly Shablov.

The participants of the meeting received information and explanations, answers to questions from specialists in various areas of social security and environmental protection, which will allow environmental specialists in airlines to professionally and confidently organize their activities.

The event was held in a grandfatherly, constructive atmosphere. It was interesting and useful to communicate with specialists who care about the ecological future of our country's environment.

The AAUCA management is grateful to the speakers and participants of the event for their professional approach to covering current issues of environmental safety.

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