On July 30, the largest party in the aviation industry will take place - UAF OPEN AIRFIELD PARTY  

On July 30, the largest party in the aviation industry will take place - UAF OPEN AIRFIELD PARTY


UAF gathers the Ukrainian aviation community to discuss issues and events related to real aviation in an informal setting.


Also, City Beach Club will host the main event of this summer - the presentation of the 12th issue of Boryspil Magazine. This is the only Ukrainian edition that receives accreditation for global projects of world aviation: Routes, IAWA. The theme of the new issue is America.


Registration for the event: https://bit.ly/2OLyh5T



Date: July 30

Start at 18:00

Who will be there?

Representatives of airlines, tour operators, airports, training centers, diplomats, and all those who are interested in the topic of aviation.


Why should you visit?

City Beach Club location with the largest rooftop terrace

Public talk with the editor-in-chief of the magazine Alexey Didigurov

Special Guest: US Embassy in Ukraine

Networking in an aviation get-together

Drawing of gifts from partners


Keynote speaker

Group performance

Party headliners:

Alexey Didigurov is the chief editor of the main aviation publication of Ukraine Boryspil magazine. Traveler, communications specialist, life coach.
2. Vladimir Vasiliev - aviator, businessman, successful blogger, motivator (runs a Youtube channel "Pilot's Notes", which has more than 160 thousand subscribers).
3. Anton Fursov - founder of the Bridge Unite IT company, which develops platforms for the aviation industry.

UAF creates, inspires and connects because we all love aviation

Within the framework of UAF OPEN AIRFIELD PARTY, a presentation of the Art open the Sky project will take place.
Olga Adam Alrubayee, a famous Ukrainian artist and traveler, and Aleksey Didigurov, publisher of the aviation magazine Boryspil magazine, created a project about how art opens the sky, because we all know that color therapy has a noble effect on human life.

Thanks to a series of works, you can plunge into the bottomless world of creativity, enveloping with that freedom that was taken away from us for some time.


Registration for the event: https://bit.ly/2OLyh5T

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