Let's fight COV1D -19- together!

Let's fight COV1D -19- together!

Today, when regular air transportation in the world has not yet begun, the requirements of infectious diseases for air transportation are not fully formed, and the technological processes offered to serve passengers in terminals and on board aircraft are imperfect, time-consuming to prevent the spread of infection, acute there is a question of operative disinfection of passengers and luggage.

High-Tech LLC - a member of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUTSA), whose main activity is electrical and construction work of any complexity, going to meet fellow aviators, offers delivery, installation and maintenance of disinfection points for passengers and staff, using special equipment.

Disinfection with the use of such equipment completely prevents the possible entry of viruses into the terminal or other premises by fully treating the surfaces of luggage, body, clothing and footwear of passengers and staff. Such cabins are already, during the quarantine period, used in various countries around the world from Japan to the west coast of America.
With the help of the implemented technology - "disinfection arch" the disinfectant solution is sprayed without harming human health.

The time of disinfection of one person in the cabin of the disinfector is not more than 5 seconds. High-quality, modern materials and components are used for the production of the mobile unit for disinfection.

A special pump under high pressure turns the solution of disinfectant liquid into a mist, which fills the entire space in the cabin and kills viruses. At the same time exposed parts of the body, hair and clothing remain dry.
It is possible, at the request of the customer, to individually equip the cabin with existing options for disinfection. The body temperature sensor is installed in the equipment, and if the indicator is too high, the red warning light comes on.

Also the point is completed with the contactless disinfectant for hands, system of the notification of readiness of a cabin for the next disinfection, the pallet for collecting the fulfilled liquid.

The high-tech company offers various options of the equipment (presented on a photo), with various functional filling and is always ready to discuss with all wishing to install the high-performance equipment questions concerning terms of delivery, completeness, commissioning and payment conditions.

This equipment is CE certified, which confirms that the production has met all the basic safety requirements for people, animals, the environment and property.
Specific information can be obtained by phone + 38044- 501 -77-19

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