Implementation of the latest technologies for the security of transport, in particular in aviation

Implementation of the latest technologies for the security of transport, in particular in aviation

On February 13, at the initiative of the leadership of Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) and LLC "Folgat" in the VIP terminal of  "Sikorsky International Airport Kiev" met with a representative of Japanese Ministry of Economy Mitsunori Aitani and business development manager of "Kumahira Co" Takao Miyoshi, who is one of the first in the world to develop and manufacture a fluid identification detector for transportation by air.

The topic is relevant and timely for the prompt service of passengers at airports.
The meeting was attended by: Zagniy Tatiana, Chairman of the AAUCA aviation safety Committee, Director of the ICAO European Regional Aviation Security Training Center, Stadnik Kateryna Director of the ICAO Regional Regional Aviation Safety Training Center, as well as a team of flight managers at "Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport" is led by Deputy Director General on aviation safety Valentin Kosinski.

Kumahira Ltd. representative demonstrated the equipment for detecting safety of liquids and described its technical characteristics.

Taking into account the growing flow of passengers at Ukrainian airports, such equipment can improve the speed of passenger care and maintain an adequate level of security. During the meeting, the participants not only got acquainted with the equipment of Kumahira Ltd., but also discussed the prospects of further cooperation of Japanese manufacturers with Ukrainian aviation entities and offered suggestions for improvement of the equipment in the future.

Undoubtedly, the collaboration of scientists, manufacturers and operators can be a driving force in ensuring the safety of aviation.

We hope that such equipment will be used in the airports of Ukraine in the near future.

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