Sincere congratulations to the winners and participants of the Contest - THE WORLD OF PROFESSIONAL AVIATION PROFESSIONALS!

Sincere congratulations to the winners and participants of the Contest - THE WORLD OF PROFESSIONAL AVIATION PROFESSIONALS!

On October 18, 2019, the third, All-Ukrainian Competition for Aviation Ground Equipment Operators (ONT) for the honorary title of "Best by Profession" was held.

The competition was initiated and organized by the Civil Aviation Airports Association of Ukraine (AUCCA) and the AUCA AST Committee (chairman - associate professor of the NAU Airport Technology - Lychik VI).

The participants of the Contest were welcomed by the State Aviation Museum named after A.G. OK. Antonova, where the competition was held, provided technical support for the Contest with the Kyiv International Airport named after A.M. I. Sikorsky.

This year, six teams took part in the competition, which represented SE “Boryspil” MA, KP “MA” Kyiv (Zhuliany) them. I. Sikorsky, State Enterprise "Ukraine", LLC "Interavia", LLC "Aerohandling" and LLC "Master-Avia" (Kiev airport).

ONT drivers won the championship in the nominations:

- "Ground Traffic Security at Airports", which demonstrated theoretical training in the organization of ground traffic and knowledge of the material part of the ONT,

- "Use of ONT for the purpose", which showed the skills and skills of driving an airfield tractor and towing aircraft using a vehicle.

To perform the exercises, a modern aerodrome tractor TLD-TMX-150, the French company TLD and the tow truck of the German company JMS were offered. Both companies are members of AAUCA.

All team members demonstrated a good level of theoretical knowledge and high professional skills, but were recognized as the best:

Master-Avia LLC - first place, with the award to the Civil Aviation Association Cup team of the Association of Ukraine;

Aerohandling LLC - the second place, with the award to the team of the Certificate of Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation;

LLC "Interavia" - third place, with the award to the team of Certificates of Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation;

The absolute winners of the nominations were Vladislav Nikolaevich Lyubinetsky and Anatoliy Petrovich Karpenko (both of Master-Avia LLC).

All participants of the winning teams received Certificates of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation and valuable gifts.
All those who took part in the Third All-Ukrainian Competition of Aircraft Ground Operators for the Honorable Degree "Best by Profession" were awarded with the Diplomas of the contest participant.

It is worth noting the high level of Judging of the Contest, which was provided by OM Bilyakovich - Assistant Professor of the Department of Technologies of Airports of NAU (Head of the Judicial Group), Yu.V. and their assistants VMFesenko - the head of service of LLC "Aerohandling", KLSafonov - the head of GBDR SE of MA "Borispol".

The competition itself, despite the competition, was sincere and friendly. Participants of the Contest felt their importance and need as specialists and performers of ground handling at airports.

The competition has shown that the airports and landing companies that take part in it have significant human professional potential, which enables them to solve the important innovative tasks facing the civil aviation of our State in a qualified manner. Basically, this potential is the young drivers who are proficient in ONT and have the appropriate theoretical background.

It is only a matter of regret for those airport managers and handling companies who did not take the opportunity and did not submit their team to the Competition, did not, without a doubt, have the professionals available to them to demonstrate their skill and ability, to encourage people of work.

The AAUCA management sees one of its main tasks as a further support to all useful initiatives and initiatives that will help the development of Ukrainian airports, stimulation and encouragement of airport specialists of different levels, one of which is the form of competitions of professional skill.

The participants of the Contest became acquainted with the great interest with the exposition of the State Museum of Aviation. OK Antonova, noting the constant dynamics of the museum's development, initiative and creative search for its managers: Alexander Rykov, Sergey Makarov, Anatoly Fatov.

We sincerely congratulate the winners and all participants of the Third All-Ukrainian Competition of Aircraft Ground Vehicle Operators on the honorary title of "Best by Profession".

The AAUCA management asks the business executives to consider materially encouraging the winners and participants, as well as publicizing this event.

See you at our next Best of Profession contests!

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