Courses on advanced training in aviation insurance have been completed

Courses on advanced training in aviation insurance have been completed

On November 22, the first training session on aviation insurance for airport specialists was completed, which was held for two weeks in the form of part-time study.

The educational process was organized by the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) in conjunction with the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Business with the support of PRAT "Insurance Company" Unison Insurance ".

During the training, students were able to obtain information directly from European brokers and lawyers from the United Kingdom about examples of airport liability insurance and damage management in the world, as well as new risks for airports

On the last day of the classes, consultations were held that included complex questions for self-study, and a test-based test, on which each of the students answered 50 questions in accordance with the program.

As a result of the reckoning, 15 delegates of specialized airline companies received Certificates on the upgrading of state-level qualifications, which confirms qualification from aviation liability insurance of airports and ground handling entities.

According to the feedback from the participants of the training, the courses were informative and useful for practical work. The limited time of training did not allow to highlight all the features of airport liability insurance. In general, the courses laid the groundwork for qualified support of insurance contracts since the beginning of their conclusion.

We hope that the knowledge gained will benefit the specialists of the airports, educational establishments and air companies of the AAUCA members, as well as help solve complex issues in the context of changes in the regulatory framework for aviation insurance and will contribute to improving the efficiency of risk management at airports.

The training was held for the first time, but it confirmed the relevance for the aviation industry and the need to improve the program and form of training. AAUCA plans to organize, at the request of its participants, regular courses for the training of specialists of airlines.

AAUCA expresses great gratitude to the leadership of the National Aviation University - for the opportunity provided and organization of holding the event in the auditorium of the main building, and the head of the training process, the director of the department of aviation risk PRAT "SC" Unison Insurance "Kirichenko Alexander Andreevich.

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