Cooperation between AAUCA and Weeze Training Base continues

Cooperation between AAUCA and Weeze Training Base continues

As we have informed earlier, in December 2018, a delegation of experts from the airports and aviation companies of Ukraine, who are involved in emergency rescue and fire protection, to Germany at Weeze Training Base. Today, it is a world-renowned center for training and training of emergency and firefighting specialists, with more than 20,000 specialists from Europe, America and Asia trained in 2018, who have received certificates in accordance with European standards and European Agency requirements. flight safety (EASA).

During the visit, AAUCA President Petro Lipovenko held talks with the leadership of the Center regarding cooperation, membership of the Center in AAUCA, assistance in equipping and certification of training grounds, development and implementation of training programs for emergency rescue personnel (EACA).

By mutual agreement and agreement with the leadership of the State Emergency Service (SESS) of Ukraine, from 3 to 5 July 20019, a mutual visit of the delegation Weeze Training Base was held, which included representatives of Integra and Olsztyn Mazury regional airport. Airport »Republic of Poland.

The organization of the event was taken over by the leadership of the SES of Ukraine, headed by Deputy Chairman Ruslan Biloshitsky. Representatives of the SES, the State Aviation Service, the Police, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Guard, the airports and airlines of Ukraine (in total 35 people), who are responsible for organizing, coordinating this line of activity, were invited to the meeting held in the board room of the SESE Board.

There was a business constructive dialogue, the issues of the real state of preparation of personnel of different levels for the execution of fire and rescue works, while protecting the population, workers and passengers were discussed.

With great interest, the participants heard presentations of the activities and opportunities of the Weeze Training Base training center conducted by the managing director of the Thomas Mok Center, organization of rescue and fire operations at the Polish airport director Thomas Kalinowski, the state of organization of the ARC and population protection in Ukraine - Director of the Emergency Response Department Volodymyr Demchuk and Deputy Head of the Office of Fire and Rescue Organization Vladislav Kovgan.

During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions of both the heads of the SES and law enforcement agencies and representatives of the foreign delegation, to compare approaches and world experience with procedures in Ukraine.

The meeting ended with a visit to the training ground of the Emergency Response Center of the Emergency Response Service of Ukraine, which trains and prepares emergency rescue units of the Emergency Response Service and other agencies. The representatives of "Weeze Training Base" highly appreciated the state of technical, organizational and technological support of the training process at the training ground, presented by its leader V. Ashkenase, and provided their cooperation proposals, on the organization of training and completing all necessary equipment according to the requirements of European standards and EASA.

Foreign guests were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the technical and methodological support for the preparation of the ARC at the Kyiv and Boryspil airports. During the stay, the guests with great pleasure visited the largest fire station in Ukraine - the 25th State Fire and Rescue Unit of Kyiv, Obolon district, inspected fire and rescue equipment and combat equipment, which were armed with the Chief call-to-call algorithm and interaction with other services and subdivisions of the capital.

Also, foreign guests were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibits of the Museum of Fire Engineering and the State Museum of Aviation. O. Antonov, one of the 10 best museums in the world. At the invitation of Tital management, the delegation of Weeze Training Base visited the production of fire trucks in Ukraine, where a dialogue was held on cooperation between European manufacturers and users of fire trucks and equipment.

AAUCA management is gratefully grateful to the management of the SESA, Kyiv. Sikorsky ”and“ Boryspil ”, to museums, the State Enterprise of UkSATSE - for hospitality, creation of comfortable and comfortable conditions, during the stay of the foreign delegation

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