Such an understanding and cooperation of the leaders of the region and the city has the prospect of revival of air travel from the airport of Khmelnitsky

Such an understanding and cooperation of the leaders of the region and the city has the prospect of revival of air travel from the airport of Khmelnitsky.

This was ensured by the delegation of the representatives of Association "Airports of Uraine" (AAUCA) headed by President P. Lypovenko, who took part in the III International Economic Forum "Investment Opportunities of Khmelnytskyi".

Before opening of this event, AAUCA delegation got acquainted with the actual state of the airport, which for 10 years has no certificates for aviation activity and airfield. Plans for the construction of a new airport in the early 80 's were grandiose. During this period, a decision was made to build an airport in another territory, where in 1982-1986 a runway and other aerodrome facilities were built. In particular, the control and dispatching station for air traffic control, laid the foundations for other infrastructure objects (air terminal, boiler-house, warehouses, etc.).

Unfortunately, further construction was suspended until today. Everything has become desolate and needs dismantling. All this happened at a time when the Khmelnytsky region fellows in responsible positions in the legislative and executive power of Ukraine, and also became big businessmen.

And only today, leaders of the region: the head of the Khmelnytskyi city state administration - Lozovy V.M., chairman of the regional council M.V. Zagorodni, mayor of Khmelnytsky, Semchyshyn O. S., heads of enterprises, companies, businessmen of Khmelnytskyi drew attention to such a socio-economic object as the airport, have expressed a desire to revive its activities and invited the AAUCA specialists to help them.

As part of the Economic Forum, a four-sided memorandum was signed between Khmelnytskyi city state administration, oblast, city councils and AAUCA on cooperation in restoring air travel from the Khmelnitsky airport. Particularly noteworthy is the enthusiasm and patriotism of Valery Rostyslavovich Soroca, the current director of the airport, and the former mayor, and today the head of the Renaissance and Development Fund "Khmelnitsky Airport", Bukhal Ivan Vasilievich, who make every effort to invent the financing for the revival.

An example of such cooperation has already taken place in the revival, over two years, of air travel from the airport of Mykolaiv, where the leaders of Mykolaiv city state administration, oblast, city and rayon councils united organized funding for the revival of air traffic from the International Mykolaiv airport. Good luck, dear Khmelnytsky!

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