The urgent issues of the operation of FLM units of aviation enterprises are in the area of ​​constant attention of the management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) and the Air Fuel Supply Committee

The urgent issues of the operation of FLM units of aviation enterprises are in the area of ​​constant attention of the management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) and the Air Fuel Supply Committee

On November 29, 2018, a meeting of the Committee on aviation fuel supply of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA was held at the National Aviation University.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the State Aviation Service, the State Fiscal Service, State Enterprise "Ukrmetrteststandart", airports, handling and fueling companies, only about 20 people.

The meeting was opened by the President of AAOZA P.P. Lipovenko and Dean of the Faculty of Ecological Security, Engineering and Technology S.S. Boychenko.

At the meeting of the committee issues were considered:

- The state of implementation of the regulatory and regulatory acts on the maintenance of production processes in the subdivisions of the PMM aircraft and its compliance with European standards;

- Opportunity and methodology for implementation of the CMU Resolution # 891 of 22.11.2017. "On approval of the Procedure for maintaining the Unified State Register of Flow Meters, Counters and Counters of Fuel Level in a Tank, transferring their credential data by electronic means of communication";

- Changes in the Aviation Rules, requirements and certification of fuel, providers of aviation fuel supply services.

Present with great interest heard and discussed the reports of representatives of DFS, DP "Ukrmetrteststandard" regarding the technical capabilities and mechanism of implementation of the CMU Resolution 891.

Representative of the State Aviation Service - Bratus AV provided information on the state of development of normative and regulatory acts at the stage of agreement is the "Guidelines for the quality control of PMM", which will replace the provisions of the order number 416, which today does not conform to European norms.

According to the results of the report of the State Aviation Supervisor on aviation safety, I would like to note that the State Aviation Service has made positive changes in the development of regulatory models of the European standard.

Representative of the company "Di Ar Energy Group" S. Yezhov was interesting and expertly told about anti-icing liquids of Ukrainian production, their certification, methods of visual and laboratory verification of chemical and physical properties of granulated and liquid anti-icing reagents.
Speech of the Director of UkrNDNC of Hematology and Certification I. Shklynuk was devoted to the assessment of conformity in the field of aviation fuel supply and updating of the normative fund of aviation fuel production methods and control of their quality.
The Committee adopted the following decisions:

1. For the organization of AUACA, hold a separate meeting with the representatives of the DFS, the Ukrmetrteststandard, the DAS of Ukraine, which, as a result of which to make proposals to amend the provisions of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 891.

2. For continuous monitoring, apply to the State Aviation Service with a specific proposal to provide a plan for the implementation of regulatory acts that regulate the activities of the PMM units of the airline.

The leadership of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of the CA expresses its sincere gratitude to the management and specialists of the Faculty of Ecological Security, Engineering and Technologies, personally to Dean S. S. Boychenko for the warm welcome, attention and goodwill that were shown during the organization and holding of the committee's meeting.

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