An interesting meeting in a patriotic setting.

In such a difficult time for Ukraine, thanks to the organizational skills of the leadership of the Scientific Center for Preventive Toxology, Food and Chemical Safety L.I. Medvedia, headed by its director, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine Mykola Prodanchuk, and management of AAUCA participant "171 Chernihiv Repair Plant" Oleksandr Matviyts and Dmitry Kolesnik, with the participation of the AAUCA President Petro Lypovenko, on January 20, 2022, a meeting of the members of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of Civil Aviation (AAUCA) with representatives of diplomatic institutions of Eastern Europe and the European Union took place in a very iconic place - the gallery "ECOGINTOX", which is located in the above-mentioned institution.

All participants of the event were surprised by the knowledge of Dr. Mykola Prodanchuk of historical events, their participants, led by hetmans and princes, according to the EU representative, many guides of historical institutions need to learn.

The exhibition "The Army of Rus-Ukraine in Defense of the Motherland and Europe" is constantly operating here, it consists of battle paintings by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Andriy Golomenyuk, made in a unique author's technique.

The exhibition was the result of the activities of the "Studio of Military Historical Art of Ukraine", created by a group of like-minded people in 2005.

The paintings depict the victorious battles of our Ukrainian army, created on the basis of short studies, each period was studied in historical and artistic materials, museum exhibits.

The paintings illustrate the heroic feat of our ancestors, in particular, in the battles of Blue Waters in 1362, at Grunwald in 1410, at Orsha in 1514, at Khotyn in 1621, at Konotop in 1659. This is all - the pages of the victory of the troops of Rus-Ukraine in the defense of their native land and Europe, which everyone should know.

As a result of the review of expositions and exhibits, a discussion took place between the companies of the EU countries, whose representatives took part in the event, and the leadership of AAUCA. These are mainly companies from Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, which are manufacturers of special equipment, airport systems for the functioning airport infrastructure. Negotiations were also held with the leadership of the center on the topic of holding AAUCA events in this iconic gallery, as well as the possibility of an exhibition of paintings in airport terminals, to which a positive response was received.

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