At the event held by the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) at the airport "Boryspil", the issues of the current state and prospects of development of Ukrainian airports were discussed.

On December 21, 2021, a general meeting of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of Civil Aviation (AAUCA) was held in the conference hall of terminal D of the State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport. The event was attended by representatives of almost all participants in the domestic aviation market, who are members of the AAUCA.
At the opening of the event, the President of the AAUCA Petro Lipovenko thanked the General Director of the State Enterprise IA "Boryspil" Oleksiy Dubrevsky and his team for the decision to resume participation in the AAUCA, and also drew the attention of those present to the attitude of the leaders of the State, in particular the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, to the development of the aviation industry and airports, including, given the beginning of reconstruction and modernization, which is included in the "Big Construction" program.
The participants of the meeting were greeted by the General Director of the State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport Oleksiy Dubrevsky and Deputy Chairman of the State Aviation Service (GASU) Igor Zelinsky.
Oleksiy Dubrevskiy acquainted the participants with the financial and production indicators of the Boryspil airport, as well as with future plans for the reconstruction and construction of new facilities: “The total volume of planned investments in the modernization of the infrastructure of the Boryspil airport is 2.8 billion UAH. Therefore, we already have a professional team, experience, understanding and funds. We have enlisted the support of the government, the Ministry of Infrastructure, as well as the public in the person of the Association of Airports of Ukraine in Central Asia, where we also draw on certain experience, vision and feel high expert and professional support. "

In his speech, Deputy Chairman of the State Civil Aviation Service Igor Zelinsky drew attention to the legal support of the aviation industry by the Government and the Parliament of Ukraine, only in the last two years a number of bills were adopted that contributed to the consistent transition of the aviation industry to European standards, which is laid down in the agreement "On the joint aviation space of Ukraine with the EU ".

.During the Boryspil airport guided tour, the members of the Association got acquainted with the advanced technologies of production processes, facilities and facilities of the enterprise, examined the special equipment, equipment and systems of the airfield.
“It's nice to listen to and learn from the experience of professional managers. Today our Boryspil team is truly specialists who know the ways out of any difficult situation. We will always support fair, sincere and professional decisions made today by the management and staff of the Boryspil airport, - said the President of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA Petro Lipovenko.

During the General Meeting, based on the results of voting, the following decisions were made:
1) admit 6 new members to the AAUCA;
2) exclude 14 enterprises and organizations for non-fulfillment of the statutory requirements in terms of loss of ties with AAUCA, non-participation in AAUCA events and non-payment of membership fees;
3) suspend the participation of 9 members of the AAUCA, some at their request.
The specifics of all decisions made at the General Meeting of AAUCA participants will be published in the near future.
The participants of the event express their gratitude to the professional team of the Boryspil airport, headed by General Director Oleksiy Dubrevsky, for assistance in holding the event in a comfortable and constructive business environment.

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