Finally, we waited for the plan of the implementation of the National Transport Strategy in terms of electronic document management of air cargo transportation come back.
On July 23, the Ministry of Infrastructure hosted a meeting on improving the functioning of checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine as part of the discussion of the Implementation Plan for the National Transport Strategy. Vice-President Oleksandr Franchuk and an expert on this issue Viktor Yatsenko were present on behalf of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of Civil Aviation (AAUCA).
At its events, AAUCA has repeatedly considered the issue of electronic document management systems for air transportation of goods, which has long been introduced in European countries. Interdepartmental working groups were created with the participation of representatives of customs, border guards, air carriers and brokerage bureaus, discussed the ways and possibilities of introducing these regulatory legal acts in Ukraine.
When forming the National Transport Strategy of Ukraine, AAUCA provided proposals for the introduction of standards and technologies for electronic management at all stages of the logistics chain for air cargo and mail and the introduction of electronic document management based on general IATA and FIATA for air cargo transportation "IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program", as well as related IATA projects (e-freight, e-Air Waybill, eAWB360 and eAWBLink).
Based on the results of the meeting, it was decided to calculate the budget for the introduction of electronic document management, and then determine the airport as a pilot project to start implementation. This is especially true now, when the clearance procedures during the period of a pandemic and quarantine must be transferred online and carried out electronically.
We hope that the process of introducing modern cargo transportation clearance procedures will be restored and completed in the near future.
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