ENERGOPROEKT-2, which is a leader in the latest technologies in the heat industry

It is time to think today about the elected and appointed leaders, and what will they do useful during their term?

Recently, at the invitation of the founders and specialists of ENERGOPROEKT-2, which is a leader in new technologies in heat energy, the management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) got acquainted with the activities of its new member. Heard and seen impresses with a completely new, modern approach to addressing the issues of heat production and residential premises. "ENERGOPROEKT - 2" for more than 10 years is a direct manufacturer of new gas hydron boilers "Express", which are patented in Ukraine.

At the meeting, the company's executives Yuriy and Volodymyr Danylchenko told how the proposals of ENERGOPROEKT - 2 differ from traditional, existing boilers and heating systems, which are now morally and technologically obsolete.


1. Installation of the newest gas hydron boilers "Express", with a capacity from 225 kW to 675 kW, with efficiency of 95% due to application of the scheme of speed passage of water through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is a bundle of copper pipes with integrated fins, enclosed between two-cast iron collectors. This achieved such finning technology that, for example, gas boiler "Express-TRIO" with a capacity of 675 kW, occupying about 1 m² of floor, has more than 27 m² of heat exchange surface, which is almost 10 times more than it occurs in traditional fire-tube boilers.

In "Express" boilers implemented:

• Resistance to the quality of make-up water and coolant. Due to the high speed and turbulent mode of water movement (over 2.0 m / s), scale and suspensions are washed away from the heating surfaces.

• Resistance to low temperature corrosion.

• Resistance to electrolytic corrosion.

• Ensuring safety of the boiler design, including heat shocks due to the installation of copper pipes, which act as a fuse and "floating" installation of the heat exchanger in the stainless steel housing.

• In terms of NOx and CO emissions, the boiler corresponds to European class 5.

This allows it to be used in different areas where there is a need to install additional boilers without increasing the main networks, and the general background concentration of harmful substances does not allow to increase the load on emissions.

2. The presence of a design office and production base in the company allows the construction of boilers for airlines, city quarters on a turnkey basis with company funding, and the use of the latest equipment will save (estimated - heat supply at a price below the traditional supplier).

3. The use of local decentralization (as opposed to traditional district heating), namely:

• Lack of main networks with high heat loss.

• Application of a multi-core system - instead of 2-3 high-power boilers, several autonomous boiler-modules are used, which significantly increases the efficiency of the boiler room.

In our opinion, the proposals of the company "ENERGOPROEKT-2" can be interesting and implemented, both in airlines and in neighborhoods of Ukrainian cities.

In the appendix is ​​a small video, be sure to watch.


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