A country of eternal summer, white sand beaches and the beauty of the Caribbean.

A country of eternal summer, white sand beaches and the beauty of the Caribbean.

At the invitation of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, the HavanaTour Travel Company, delegation of Association "Airports of Ukraine" visited the Cuban archipelago, comprising Cuba, the island of Juventud, and about 4,195 islands and reefs with a total area of ​​42,827 square meters. miles. The purpose of the trip is to get acquainted with the conditions of corporate rehabilitation and treatment of aviation workers of Ukraine, the main organizer was the company HavanaTur.

During their stay in Cuba, the delegation got acquainted with the activities of 32 hotels, living conditions, food, health improvement of different levels from 3 stars to Lakshire +. There was also a meeting of the participants with the management and doctors of the medical centers, where they became acquainted with the methods of diagnosis and treatment of people with severe diagnoses, including oncology.

At the meeting with the leadership of the aviation administration of the Republic of Cuba, by the way, most of them studied at the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (today NAU) discussed cooperation on the operational maintenance of objects of airports (airport, terminal and others), as well as the servicing of aircraft by tourists - aviators on preferential terms under special accelerated procedures .

All meetings were drawn up with minutes of intentions, where the Cuban side expressed respect and kindness, sincerely invited aviation workers to rest, rehabilitation and treatment, promised to find the opportunity to organize a holiday on preferential terms.

Due to the fact that Ukraine does not yet have a representative office of HavanaTour, it was agreed that AAUCA will act as a coordinator in the organization of tours to Cuba.

Considering the fact that all the participants in the delegation were in Cuba for the first time, it is possible to share the impression that this is a wonderful country, with its history, sights, developed tourism industry, features in health and treatment.

AAUCA is grateful to the management of Havana Tour for helping to organize this event. We hope that over time, not one aircraft worker will visit this beautiful country and have a lot of fun.

Travel consultations can be obtained from the AAUCA office at aau.avia@gmail.com +38 044 339 27 03 (04)

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