Only the introduction of new efficient technologies can accelerate the true reconstruction of concrete coatings of aerodromes and roads.

Only the introduction of new efficient technologies can accelerate the true reconstruction of concrete coatings of aerodromes and roads.

It was interesting and useful to get acquainted with the practical experience of reconstruction of cement concrete coverings in the European country.

This opportunity was provided by Uniprom LLC, a member of the Association of Airports of Ukraine (AUCCA), which for 10 years has been a representative of a number of US and European companies in Ukraine providing construction and reconstruction of airfields and roads in accordance with the latest technologies and world standards. One such company is the US company Resonont Machines LLC (RMI), which has done some of the work on destructuring reinforced cement slabs using a special vibro resonant concrete of its own design and production. This special machine, unlike a simple excavator, an impactor, a guillotine, works on the principle of resonant (vibration) force transfer, which is applied to a steel beam and transmitted to a cement slab through the working body.

A delegation of representatives of AUUCA, airports, design organizations and Uniprom LLC got acquainted with the complete cycle and organization of reconstruction works on cement concrete reinforced concrete road, which was built 40 years ago in the Brussels area. And the full cycle is crushing of reinforced concrete slabs, removal of reinforcement, moving pieces of concrete to the crushing complex, which was installed nearby and crushing pieces of concrete to the appropriate fractions, preparation of cement-soil mixture at the base, then laying of concrete using crushed pieces of concrete, and then enclosed asphalt concrete.

Under the contract 10 km of such road is reconstructed up to 30 days, keeping all terms according to technology and placement of all complexes directly near the road being reconstructed.

Once again, we are convinced that in order to have good roads and airfields and to bring them to a normal state faster, it is necessary to adopt experience and technologies, and not just buy money for 3-5 years, which confirms the 20-year works on the M-05 Kiev highway - Odessa.

We will send the relevant letter with this information to the Minister of Infrastructure, Mr Vladislav Kricli. We hope that this information will interest relevant executive officials of all ranks. It is time to draw conclusions from the activities of our predecessors.

The members of the delegation are very grateful to the director of Uniprom LLC Peter Aizman, Chief Engineer Alexander Volyanyk and representatives of Resonont Machines LLC for organizing such professional level events.

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