September 12, 2019 at the Mykolayiv International Airport a meeting of the Committee on Ecological Security of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" (AAUCA)

September 12, 2019 at the Mykolayiv International Airport a meeting of the Committee on Ecological Security of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" (AAUCA)

The meeting was opened by the President of the Association of Airports of Ukraine Petro Lipovenko and noted that the extraordinary meeting of the Committee on Environmental Safety was initiated by the AUCA leadership in connection with unresolved issues of regulatory regulation of environmental safety in the area of ​​aerodromes. The event was held according to the agenda, which was attended by environmental experts.

The director of the Nikolaev international airport Fedir Barna told about prospects of development of the airport.

Kateryna Pushko presented the presentation of the environmental security program of Mykolaiv International Airport.

Andriy Konoplya, a Tecon representative, spoke about Bruel & Kjaer equipment and the possibility of installing it at airports of Ukraine to monitor aircraft noise.

NAU specialists from the Department of Civil and Industrial Security presented a presentation of the Center for Environmental Problems at Airports (CEPA). The main tasks and directions of CEPA activity are presented, as well as the results of the performed works for the airports of Ukraine with certification on environmental factors. CEPA performs for the airports the development and production of maps, zones limiting the construction of airports in terms of aviation noise, sanitary protection zone, taking into account the chemical pollution of the air and electromagnetic effects, as well as the development of regulatory documents for the regulation of the impact of aviation transport.

Alexander Kazinkin, a representative of Brokbusiness Insurance, made suggestions on airport environmental insurance.

The second day of the meeting, September 13, began with consideration of the regulatory framework for the use of anti-icing materials, taking into account the environmental impact. The report was delivered by the Director of DR Energy Group (Ukrainian manufacturer). He gave technical characteristics and possibilities of delivery of certified products manufactured by the company and features of collection on artificial coatings, regeneration for later use.

The specialists of the State Aviation Service, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, unfortunately, were not able to participate in the event, so it was decided to organize a meeting at IIU with the participation of the initiative committee of the Committee on Ecology, specialists of NAU, DAS and the above-mentioned Ministries to solve problematic issues. raised at the meeting.

The management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" (AAUCA) are grateful to the Nikolaev International Airport for the warm welcome and excellent organization.

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