There was a business-efficient meeting of professional managers who shared their achievements in the development of innovations in digital technologies, cybersecurity

There was a business-efficient meeting of professional managers who shared their achievements in the development of innovations in digital technologies, cybersecurity

As we announced before February 7, 2019, a joint meeting of the Information Technology (IT) and Aviation Safety Committees (CA) of Association of Airports of Ukraine CA (AAUCA) with the representatives of the Directorate of State Policy in the Field of Digital Information was held at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (MIU) transport infrastructure, postal services and SE "Branch center of digitalization and cyber security" MIU.

President of AAUCA Petro Lypovenko in his speech, the advisor to Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, chairman of the AAUCA IT Committee Yevhen Vladimirov, head of the expert group on integrated systems and services MIU Farid Safarov, head of the Aviatin Security State Aviation Service Volodymyr Machushy, director on Aviation Security of the European Regional Center ICAO Igor Dobrovolsky and Head of the State Center of Cyber Defense Roman Boyarchuk reflected the real state and training of all public and private sector structures to address the challenges and threats of cyberterrorism. Also noted the relevance and timeliness of this event.

Head of the State Aviation Service Department at Aviaiton Security Machussky V.V. in his speech more specifically drew the attention of those present on the state of aviation safety and the implementation of the requirements of ICAO and European regulations (NPAs).

Oleksandr Chumak, Senior Inspector of the IT Department of the Department of Cyberpower Vyacheslav Martsinkevich and Deputy Head of the Situational Center for Securing the Cybersecurity SBU, talked about the interaction of airline enterprises with government agencies that are aimed at cybersecurity.

Roman Rybalko, Director of Information Technology and Innovative Development of the International Airport "Kyiv", on the possibilities of responding to the challenges of information interference in the work of airline companies.

Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Cybernetics, Candidate of Technical Sciences at the ICAO Institute, Yulia Boyko, presented to the participants the aviation safety training programs and implementation of the ICAO Cybersecurity requirements for aviation actors.

Representatives of the world's leading companies working in this area came forward with interesting reports and presentations, as well as practical application of their activities in the aviation industry enterprises:

LLC "OKTAVA KIBERZAKHIST" with the presentation "Splunk - the only system of digitalization and security. Monitoring of assets, processes, sensors "and" System of protection against attacks of the day and directed attacks ";

"Information Systems Security Partners" with presentation "Effective actions for quick results and answer to key questions of cyber security";

UnderDefennce with the presentation "Cyber Security";

"Bakoteh Group" with presentation "Cyber security in traditional and industrial networks";

Robert Bosch Ukraine with presentation "Integrated data security system for video surveillance and access control systems";

Open Company "De Novo" with a presentation "Systems DE NOVO Disaster Rtcovery for construction of a catastrophe of sustainable infrastructures";

Huawei Ukraine LLC with a presentation "An IT solution to ensure data storage using Huawei products";Date Group Ltd. with presentation "Datagroup: solutions for protection against cyber threats";The company "Giga Cloud" with the presentation "Solutions for the prevention and protection of cyber threats";

Insurance company "Brokbiznes" with presentation "Insurance against cyber-risk";

Nokia's Solutions and Networks, a presentation on "Nokia's Security and Cybersecurity Solutions for Airports";

Company "Mikotek"

The event was held in a constructive atmosphere, participants of the event received comprehensive answers to the questions posed.

Those wishing will be given an opportunity to get acquainted with the presentations of the speakers who are collected on the google disk.

The Board of AAUCA and the participants of the event are grateful to the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine for the support of the AAUCA initiative, assistance in organizing the event and the possibility of its holding in the administration of the MIU.

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