The first phase of the aviation insurance workshop took place

The first phase of the aviation insurance workshop took place

Association of Airports of Ukraine, CA (AAUCA), in conjunction with the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Business, organized a scientific and practical workshop for specialists and leading specialists (lawyers) responsible for aviation insurance in airlines, handlers, catering, fuel filling companies, and airlines (in terms of the relationship with airports).

The lecturer was Oleksandr Kyrychenko, an expert on aviation insurance of the Risk Institute, "Unison Insurance" (CTN, e).
Among the main issues discussed were:
Insurance - as an element of airport risk management;
Identification of the main airport operational risks;
Statistical estimation of frequency and size of losses at the airport;
Airport insurance for the airport.
Dmitry Denisov, a lawyer from AUUTA, told about the legal possibilities of limiting the risks to the airport.

The consultants of the international law firm Kennedys (Great Britain) also took part in the seminar on the Skype conference.

The company's specialization is air insurance: maintenance of all types of requirements for aviation liability, including dealing with complex requirements in several jurisdictions for damage to cargo, baggage, aircrafts, passengers' health and general aviation activities.
The presentation was prepared by Lara Bond, an assistant lawyer at the Kennedys law firm and Alexandra Rodina, a company partner whose speeches have found out a lot about insurance in Europe and cyber-risk, for example, cyber attacks in aviation and 2016-17 years, when business around the world suffered $ 450 billion through cyber attacks, climate change and climate impacts on airport infrastructure and liability limits.

The experience of legal settlement of the company is as follows: Metrojet, Reg EI-ETJ in Egypt (2015) and "Tatarstan Airlines", B737-500 in Kazan (2013).

Leading legal counsel for claims: Aeroflot, B737-500 in Perm (2008); Siberia, A310 in Irkutsk (2006); KAM Air, B737-200 near Kabul (2005); UM Air, YAK-42D Turkey (2003); Siberia, Tu154 Black Sea (2001); Vlad Avia, Tu-154 in Irkutsk (2001); and Aeroflot.

Interestingly, he reported on the place and role of the insurance broker in processing and transferring the risks of the airport and airport operators and completed the lecture by Alexander Gerbed - the insurance broker UIBC - the officially authorized network partner UNITED INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED (UIBL) - an independent international insurance and reinsurance broker Lloyd's.

UIB provides a wide range of services in more than 110 countries and has a representative office in Ukraine, is one of the world's leading providers of brokerage services in insurance and reinsurance in aviation. Long-term experience of risk placement of DPMA Boryspil.

Those who wished to visit the NAU Museum and get acquainted with its exhibits, where the historical background of the University was created, its history, development and achievements.

The training will be continued in a distance format, the final seminar will take place on November 22, where the participants will receive a score on the results of which they will receive a diploma of a state standard for advanced training in aviation insurance.

AAUCA expresses its great appreciation to the leadership of the National Aviation University for providing the opportunity and organization of the event in the auditorium of the main building!

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