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The heads of the airports, airlines - members of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) took part in the trade mission, which was organized by the US Department of Commerce and the American-Ukrainian Business Council and was held on 29-30 October 18 in the Fairmont Grand Hotel in the city. Of Kiev

It was interesting and useful to get acquainted with the state and prospects of the development of US-Ukrainian economic relations, which were discussed in their speeches by the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine S. Kubiv, US Ambassador to Ukraine Mari L. Yovanovich, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine V. Omelyan and other participants of the event.

President of AUACA P. Lipovenko held personal meetings with US companies: "BECHTEL" and "FLIR", which work with airports, provide equipment, provide services and have the opportunity to invest in airline companies.

The event ended with an official reception at the residence of the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Mrs. Marie L. Jovanović, where informal discussions continued on the relationship of the participants. Personally, the US Ambassador Marie L. Jovanović spoke with the delegation of aviators and, with interest, supported proposals for cooperation with American companies and the resumption of the training of airline company managers under the US Department of State SABIT program.

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