To the attention of media


To the attention of the media

On September 27, 2018, at 10.00, the AeroCongress-2018 International Aviation Forum, launched by the Civil Aircraft Association of Ukraine (AUUCA) in association with the Odessa International Airport, commences its work.

The leaders and representatives will participate in the forum:

• the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,
• Ministries of Infrastructure of Ukraine.
• State Aviation Service
• Ministry of Defense
• Border and Customs Service;
MPs, airport owners (representatives of regional and urban communities), foreign guests.

An expanded press conference within the framework of the International Forum "Aerocon-2018" with the above-mentioned representatives will be held after the greetings of hosts and event organizers.

At the press conference, it will be possible to get answers to current issues in the aviation industry.

Venue: International airport "Odessa", new terminal

Accreditation will last till September 25 by phone: (093) 148-82-90 and by e-mail:

Actual information on the Aeromix-2018 program is available on the AUCAA website and on the AUCAA page in Facebook at

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