An example of a state-owned approach to the construction and reconstruction of infrastructure facilities of airports, which are so necessary today for Ukrainians

In preparation for the international aviation forum "AEROCONGRESS - 2018", which will be held on September 27-28, 2018. The management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of CA (AAUCA) visited the venue of the event, the Odessa International Airport, and inspected the main infrastructure facilities of the airport currently under construction and reconstruction, namely the new passenger terminal, runway and runway. A number of other aerodrome facilities.
After getting acquainted with the construction and construction sites, they were surprised at the changes that took place after the last visit to the airport in May 2018.
The condition of the interior of the building-facing works of the departure zone of the passenger terminal (exactly where Aerokongez is planned and exhibitions - presentations of the participants of the event) is almost finished, the interior of the terminal acquires its own design. The construction works are in full swing, and the professional, economic approach of the Odessa airport leadership adds confidence that the event will take place in the hospitable, working atmosphere where there will be a place for celebrations and professional discussions on different aviation activities.
All this will definitely contribute to the development of air transportation in Ukraine. Here (in the Aeroconfiguration) not only manufacturers and specialists - aircraft operators, equipment, but also representatives of airport owners who will be able to see the scale of construction of the runway using the latest technologies, will communicate with the managers and specialists from the customer, the general contractor and the direct executors of civil and erection works
The expanded construction is ready to present intermediate results for today - concrete paste has more than 1 km of runway installed, while on the other part work is underway on laying the mineral base and the sand-cement layer. Two new modern concrete plants with capacity of 150 cubic meters of concrete each were commissioned, as well as deployed and commissioned the tests and tests of the HAMAKO concrete mixing plant, manufactured by the company of the same name from the USA, which, according to the technological cycle, will start packing the next week (finishing) layer of concrete. The facility employs more than 140 people, 60 mechanisms, while, in order to ensure the quality of concrete mixtures from which the runway is being built, a modern laboratory equipped with up-to-date equipment using the latest technologies has been organized to ensure the quality of concrete mixtures from which the runway is built, which allows to evaluate the quality of the components of the runway and concrete cover. in general, at all stages of construction.
All this gives confidence that with constant and sufficient state funding, Odesa Airport will receive a new meteorological minimum runway under the 3rd category of ICAO, which will enable almost all types of aircraft to be accepted even in difficult weather conditions and will increase the safety and regularity of flights.
Together with the new terminal, all this will increase the capacity of the airport, the intensity of flights of existing carriers and attract new ones, incl. working in the low cost transportation segment. As a result, all this will give a powerful impetus to the further development of the entire southern region of Ukraine.

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