Rivne - the city of aviation!

Rivne - the city of aviation!
Only the joint interest of all branches of regional power can lead to success in the development of air transportation from regional airports.

On the initiative of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" together with the Rivne Regional State Administration, the Regional Council and International Airport "Rivne" on 21st of June 2018, a regular international air forum was held in the conference hall of the Hotel "Ukraine" aimed at the development of air transportation from regional airports.

The airport in Rivne was chosen to conduct an air forum not by chance, since the airport owners - the community of the oblast, the regional Council drew attention to such a social and infrastructural object and allocated funds to maintain it in operational condition and seek the development of air travel. As the president of AAUCA P. Lypovenko said in his report, the presence of the existing airport increases the status, the image of the region and the city where it is located 2-2.5 times. P. Lypovenko also noted that the airfield and passenger terminal are in a better condition today than similar objects of airports of other cities of Ukraine, which were built in the 80s of the last century, thanks to the managers of the airport and Rivne region.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the leadership of the Rivne airport, headed by Director I. Nasynyuk and his deputies (V.Svinthozelsky, I.Serich) with the regional executive authorities, which provides funding in the initial period, gradually moving forward increasing the number of flights. From their speeches it is clear that much work has been done to keep the airfield in service, to restore the infrastructure of the airport terminal. But work on the restoration of aerodrome facilities, organization of a production base for ground handling, purchase and commissioning of special equipment and equipment, including passenger booking and registration systems, is still ahead.

The forum was held with the support of regional leaders - Head of the Rivne Oblast State Administration Mulyarenko O. V., and the chairmen of the Rivne Oblast Council Danilchuk O.Y. President of AAUCA, according to the tradition, formed during such events in the regions, handed the heads of the region the book of the honorary president of Association Trotsenko A.M. "Chronicle of Aviation of Ukraine" and "Chronicle of Airports of Ukraine", which in its time started its work in aviation from Rivne airport.

The Forum was attended by: Head of the Rivne Regional State Administration, deputies, representatives of: Airline "Anda Air", "URGA", tourist industry of the Western region ("Join UP"), heads of regional airports of Ukraine, and Poland (Lublin), representatives of Ukrainian producers special technics for ground maintenance of airplanes and maintenance of airdromes (VILPLAST-AERO, EUROMASH), air navigation (UkSATSE, TechvestService LLC), representatives of scientific and design institutions: LLC Progresstech Ukraine, LLC Institute "Ukrdorproekt", LLC "Apogei ", LLC" UNIPROM ", State Committee of Ukraine The event was held in a business, constructive environment.

A memorandum of cooperation was signed for further coordination between the Rivne Oblast State Administration, the Rivne Regional Council and Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA, which includes advanced highly skilled specialists in various areas of aviation activity.

The airport management sees the prospect of development in increasing the number of flights, the continuation of the charter program for autumn-winter navigation and the restoration of regular flights linking the city of Rivne and the region with the Polish city of Lublin and the cities of Ukraine, primarily Kiev, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Odessa . We hope that the region's leadership will support the airport and provide it with the necessary funding to pay off the debt accumulated over the past 15 years.

AAUCA welcomes this cooperation and supports the airport in all its endeavors.

Unfortunately, the representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the State Aviation Service did not find time and opportunity to visit this event, there were many questions from the participants regarding the implementation and implementation of EU legal acts in Ukraine, the implementation of the "State Target Program for the Development of Airports by 2023", implementation of the Air Traffic Strategy and the completion of the plan for its implementation, and a number of other issues that require an immediate solution, we have not received the answer.

The participants in the event have an understanding of the dense schedule and employment of industry leaders, but the competent experts could be delegated. Thai respond to invitations in a civilized world accepted.

The Board of AAUCA expresses its sincere gratitude to the regional administration, the director of the airport Nasiniuk IF, for organizing the event and wishes the collective of the Rivne airport to realize their capabilities, and to resume regular flights from the city of such glorious traditions.

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