Aviation Day of Ukraine

Today, in this difficult period of russian military aggression, aviators of Ukraine celebrate their professional holiday - "Aviation Day of Ukraine".
The board and management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA sincerely congratulates its friends, colleagues and partners on our national professional holiday!!! Wherever you are: in the cockpit, in the control room, on the platform, in the terminal, or in the office - we wish you a peaceful, clear sky, may our victory come soon, so that we can begin our full-fledged activities for the benefit of the country and people. Be healthy and happy. Take care, because we all need you.
P.S. The traditional meetings of the veterans of Boryspil International Airport, which were usually held on August 18, after a break related to the Covid-19 pandemic, have been postponed and will now always be held on the Aviation Day of Ukraine.
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!

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