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During the period of global transformations in the aviation sector (the signing of a Common Aviation Area agreement with the EU, reconstruction and modernization of airport infrastructure, the introduction of legal and regulatory acts in accordance with European standards, changes in the training and admission to the relevant work of personnel, etc.) important and useful is the process of familiarization with international experience, communication with managers and specialists organizing the work of the airport business units.
One of such events was a trip to Estonia organized by the leadership of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of Civil Aviation (AAUCA), during which, from November 28 to December 2, 2021, at the invitation of the Aviation Administration of the Republic of Estonia (a member state of the European Union) and Finnish companies - manufacturers of special equipment for maintaining aerodromes in operational condition, especially in winter: VALTRA, FMG, AGCO, the AAUCA delegation (heads and representatives of the owners of regional airports) visited and talked with specialists, and also got acquainted with the special equipment used in Tallinn and Tartu airports.

Everyone was interested in inexpensive (budget), reliable and efficient equipment, all-season use, with different configurations of the base chassis.
One of the examples successfully used in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries is a versatile, reliable, modern and comfortable tractor, manufactured by the Finnish company VALTRA, with a variety of attachments (about 10 modifications), which are produced by FMG and AGCO, which can be replaced within 20 minutes, depending on the need.
The members of the delegation had the opportunity to see it at work and take part in a test drive, which caused an unforgettable experience.
It was very instructive and useful to communicate with the direct organizers and performers of the work, especially in the small airport of Tartu, where each employee, starting with the head of the airport, is a universal specialist, he is a driver, a tractor driver, a firefighter, a rescuer, a mechanic, and an airfield worker. Since in the countries of northern Europe the autumn-winter periods are protracted, difficult and very strict, it needs a responsible attitude, endurance, mutual support and understanding.
In the opinion of the members of the delegation, all these qualities are inherent in employees of Estonian airports.
The AAUCA management expresses its gratitude to the organizers of such a useful, instructive and necessary event today

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